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Exclusive: Kenny Florian says he won’t fight again until ’08

Kenny Florian was a special guest during a taping of Inside the Cage Radio earlier today and revealed that he has no intentions of fighting again this year and that his next match likely won’t be until January or February of 2008.

Florian revealed the news when asked whether he could be ready for a potential match against B.J. Penn at UFC 78 if a hypothetical situation occurred where current UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk was stripped of his title.

Florian stated he would not be ready and that at the advice of his team, he’s been advised not to fight again this year due to having fought frequently several times during the past few months.

He also revealed that there are rumors circulating within the UFC that a anticipated match between Penn and Joe Stevenson may not happen at UFC 78 in November but sometime in December. Florian cited timing issues as a reason for why the match may take place at a different date.

This was just one of a few nuggets of info that Florian revealed on the show (he also mentioned who the next rumored opponent is for Roger Huerta) that will be made available either later tonight or earlier tomorrow morning.

All-in-all, this will be a must-listen of Inside the Cage! In addition to Florian, Ricco Rodriguez and Joe Riggs were guests as well and both made several revelations that will get MMA fans talking.

I’m telling you, you guys are going to really enjoy listening to the show.

  • Jeremy says:

    BJ Penn said last week in his prefight interview during the EliteXC show that he wouldn’t be fighting til December. So that basically just confirms what was rumored already. Seems to leave the NJ show a little lacking without a title fight and without a huge main event. Unless you consider Ortiz-Evans 2 a huge main event fight. I’d certainly rather have it as a co-main event to a title fight, but oh well. I am certainly interested to see who Huerta is fighting next.

  • Right Jeremy. I think right now it would seem like Penn vs. Stevenson will be on the December 29th card but I can’t see the UFC putting Wanderlei-Chuck, Hughes-Serra, and that fight on the same card. I think the lightweight title match will probably be pushed back to the January card in Canada but I’ll definitely be listening to see what they all had to say.

  • Jeremy says:

    That would be a possibility but it would seemingly depend on what the UFC wants to do with their end of the year card. If they want to put on this HUGE show for the end of the year, it would make sense. If we look at the rumors right now(of course they are rumors) they might be moving in that direction with Serra-Hughes, Silva-Liddell, and then possibly Penn-Stevenson along with Kocheck, Huerta and Lister all rumored to be fighting as well. Perhaps they do a 4 or 5 hour ppv that night for the climax to the year. I’d be down for it for sure.

  • Jeremy says:

    Dana White was on the Ferrall Show today and said some news worthy things. Liddell vs. Silva will happen in December as long as Chuck wins tonight and is healthy. Also thought CroCop might retire. Otherwise nothing to exciting.

  • Jeremy says:

    Oops also forgot to mention that he mentioned Mark Hunt is still under contract from the Pride deal and that they are trying to work some things out.

  • Fujin says:

    I’d love to see Kenny get his ass kicked by BJ.

    Maybe “the Finisher” can get himself a title shot and get Pennwnd.

  • jaydog says:

    Too bad Din’s knee gave out, cuz as overexposed as Florian is right now, it’s time to see him really tested (post TUF). Sure, bring on Huerta, Penn, Stevenson, or better yet have him put his money where is mouth is in a Sherk rematch.

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