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EliteXC heavyweight Jon Murphy to fight Wade Hamilton on Oct. 6 has learned that EliteXC heavyweight fighter Jon Murphy will be defending his Combat in the Cage Heavyweight Title vs. Wade Hamilton on Oct. 6 in Trenton, NJ at the Sovereign Bank Arena.

The promoter of Combat in the Cage is Ed Hsu, who is also the promoter of record for a lot of Monte Cox’s Extreme Challenge shows that take place in the Northeast.

In addition to Murphy vs. Hamilton, the card is stocked with a lot of up and coming fighters that you’ll be seeing on the big shows in the future. You can check out the full card on the promotion’s web site ( but some of the matches I’m looking forward to include:

– Dominic Tafuri vs. Mark Getto (that one is too close to call and will be a war)

–  Aaron Miesner vs. Travis Roesler in a battle between Philly MFS/Daddis FC and Fight Factory schools (where Eddie Alvarez trains). Miesner is a lethal Muay Thai striker who is undefeated since converting to MMA and is definitely a guy who I can easily see fighting for a big promotion very soon.

– John Doyle vs. Tim Carpenter. When Doyle is in shape, the dude is no joke.

– Matt Makowski vs. Colin O’Rouke. I don’t know much about O’Rouke but I know Matt from when I trained at Philly MFS/Daddis FC. My wife still trains there and they are on the Muay Thai team together. Matt’s another kid that I think will be on the big shows sooner rather than later. He’s an exciting fighter with tremendous striking skills and a good sprawl. I remember sparring with him briefly over a year ago and he pretty much clowned me. He can work angles out of his stance like a pro boxer. He also usually does some cool entrances. I’m hoping he has something fun planned for this show. I think he might be my son’s favorite fighter after he did one entrance where all of his corner guys came out wearing clone trooper masks from Star Wars and he was sporting a Darth Vader mask. He also had some remix from “March of the Empire” as his intro music. It was very Jason Miller-esque. I think more fighters need to do that type of stuff because it really gets them noticed.

– Lester Caslow vs. Alejandro Nerreu. I saw Caslow at an Extreme Challenge show a few months back and was really impressed. I think he’s fighting at 150 lbs. but if he could cut to 145 lbs. he’d be another guy that I think will be fighting on the big shows.

– Wilson Reis vs. Diego Jimenez. Ries is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and his ground skills are just sick. He trains at both Philly MFS/Daddis FC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu United (where I occasionally train now). If he tightens up his striking, he’s the type of guy who could easily be fighting in the WEC. He reminds me a bit of Rani Yahya, although his BJJ might be even better (yeah, he’s that damn good).

– I also read on a Underground forum post that Mike Groves might be making his pro debut on the card. He trains at the Fight Factory but used to train at Philly MFS/Daddis FC. I sparred against him a few times last summer. He probably doesn’t remember it but I do because he kicked my ass. He’s a relentless fighter who is constantly trying to finish a guy. Yet another guy who has the potential to be fighting on a big show or maybe a ShoXC card.

I’ll be at the show and if you’re in the Philly, Jersey, or New York area, then I really recommend you check it out. If you’re going, let me know.


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