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UFC News & Notes: Eastman out of UFC 77; McCrory’s next fight; Lytle to WEC?

My boy Dann Stupp at is running up his phone bill working the phones and breaking stories. Here’s what Junkie has reported in the last 24 hours:

A match between Tamdan McCrory (the guy who put Pete Spratt out of the UFC?) vs. Akihiro Gono is being worked on for UFC 78 in Newark, NJ on Nov. 17. Bout agreements haven’t been signed yet but it appears like we’re headed that way. Man, I am really excited about UFC 78!

Marvin Eastman is off the UFC 77 card in Cincinnati, OH on Oct. 20 due to eye surgery. Eastman was supposed to fight Demian Maia. Junkie promises to have the name of the replacement in a day or two.

According to Junkie, Chris Lytle could be headed to the WEC and contend for the welterweight title. If he makes the move, which is only rumored at this point, he might get a shot as early as February. Lytle vs. Carlos Condit would be a damn good scrap.

UFC middleweight Martin Kampmann also had a second surgery on his knee and apparently it went well. The Muay Thai striker could be back in the Octagon as early as March of 2008.

If you want more info on any of the stories, just click the links back to Junkie.

  • Jeremy says:

    You can really see the marketing that the UFC is trying to do for this event. Getting as many local guys as they can(Edgar, McCrory, Lauzon); couple big names(Ortiz, Parisyan, Penn?) and then tapping into the strong asian market around NYC metro area with Gono, Chonan and possibly Mach. Very smart on their part considering there might not be a title on the line for this card. Should be an interesting card though, lots of big names throughout it seems for the hardcore fans to see.

  • garth says:

    I’m excited to see the Barn Cat in action. there’s some guys you just like to watch, they get a “cult” following (Mayhem springs to mind), and seeing ’em on the big stage is cool.


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