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Should Cro Cop call it a career? is on the ball once again tracking down a quote Joe Rogan made on 106.7 FM KROQ (is that LA?) about Mirko Cro Cop actually considering quitting during his UFC 75 loss to Cheick Kongo:

“If you watch the last UFC, this is something nobody knows, the Mirko Cro Cop fight that was on Spike last week – he got kneed in the balls, he went down and said to “Big” John McCarthy, “I’m too old for this shit.” and Big John said “No man you’re fine, you’re fine.” and he goes, “No I should just quit right now.” He said this while he was down and Big John goes, “If you want to quit just let me know and he said no, no I don’t.” So he had 5 minutes to recover and said he was too old for this.”

Too old for this shit? Man, Cro Cop has three more fights left on his current UFC deal. Why pay him the big bucks if his heart isn’t in it anymore? Does he want to contend for a title or is he only a money fighter at this point?

To all you people who think I disrespected Cro Cop with my article on last week, what do you think of him now? Don’t you think Cro Cop might be disrespecting the sport?

  • Heatwaves says:

    FYI… yes, KROQ is in L.A.

  • Jake says:

    Wow. I actually agree with you for once.

  • MJC_123 says:

    I fail to understand how a guy getting kneed in the balls, being dominated by a better opponent and then in the heat of a fight (clearly disappointed he can’t exercise his will remember) uttering “im too old for this shit”, is disrespectful to MMA or the UFC.

    He is obviously down he couldn’t impose himself on Kongo, in serious pain after being struck in the balls.

    We all say things we don’t mean and if your claiming that in Cro-Cop saying “shit” he is disrespecting mma and the UFC your in my opinion well wide of the mark.

    Should Mirko consider his career for other reasons?….possibly but not because after being hurt he swore about the sport……

  • Grape Knee High says:

    I thought your first Cro Cop article was great; I agreed with most of the points.

    Now you’re just reaching. Saying something in the heat of the moment after getting kneed in the balls three times in a row is hardly what I would call “disrespecting the sport”.

    I’d say Congo did more to disrespect the sport for continuing to knee Cro Cop in the balls even after it was obvious he had done it.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Problem is you defend Mirko and you look like a massive “mark” and this is something im not, but im having difficulty doing the math with this article, I will be honest.

  • BearTap says:

    I’m a big Cro Cop fan and this will still be the first time I talk about that horrific fight that left me very sad. It’s hard to see someone who has been so dominant in his game, fall so far. But in reality, fighting in the Cage is a totally different animal then cornering people in a ring and pounding them. This is essentailly the watershed moment for Cro Cop, what’s his next option, because what he has done in the last two fights has clearly not worked. He almost needs a big dose of Randy to get him rolling again. Randy appeared to have “lost” it, getting smoked by Chuck two times in a row, he takes a break, goes back to the gym and comes out with a new gameplan, that wins him fights. Crop Cop is in serious need of an adaptation of his current self. He doesn’t need a full re-design, he got here for a reason, he just needs to find a way to make “his” skills work in “their” octagon. You can’t go from being as dominant as he was, to being as weak as he appears. I think he needs to drop a weight class, work the angles in a cage with some decent trainers, then come back, all the work can only make you hungry.

    I think every time Cro Cop loses his “shine”, Fedor thinks twice about signing on the dotted line. I say right now, if Randy and Fedor were to meet in the octagon, I’d give it to Randy all day. The Cage is his home.

  • Rory says:

    Yep, speaking out of frustration when you’re losing and just got rocked in the balls doesn’t make you a disrespectful fighter, or a money fighter. It just means your balls really hurt.

  • I think Cro Cop’s pride (no pun intended) got in the way of preparing for the last two fights the way he needed to. And no, I don’t think he’s a jake or a money fighter if after the 156th time Kongo kicked him in the dick he thought to himself, “I have cash, a career in law enforcement, a seat in Parliament, and I am a hero in my homeland, I don’t need to have my balls smashed repeatedly by this dude.” It’s not being disrespectful to acknowledge that the game might have passed you by. Remember, this is a sport where there is no real shame in tapping out, in saying to your opponent, “yeah, you caught me, i’m fucked.” Remember, Filipovic got up, what, 15 seconds after the last time BJ McCarthy said, “Take all the time you need.” I would say that finishing a fight you feel you have no chance in or after you have suffered an injury than hinders you to be the ultimate show of respect to the sport and fans. Cro Cop is a champ no matter who holds the belts.

  • Screwface says:

    crocop said while he was in pride, how much he was ready to retire, so like danny glover maybe he is too old for this sh*t. Im sure ufc offered so much money that he would have to be an idiot to turn it down. maybe that is disrespecting the sport to keep fighting when your heart is not in it, but crocop fought for along time and always won or lost in spectacular fashion, the guy deserves some respect but yes he should call it a career.i think he has 1 fight left on contract, so give him one of the ultimate fighter guys and make a best of crocop special to send him off in style. btw kongo is a big dude and did knee him in the balls a few times, not to mention crocops english isnt the best. so my guess is he was trying to explain his frustration as best he knew how.

  • luke says:

    give your head a shake….cc dominated the first….than got kneed in the nuts twice in the second and twice in the third. i don’t care who you are your not shaking that off before the fight is over. he’ll be back. take it easy on bashing one of the all time greats in the sport. wait and see.

  • Aidan742 says:


    “I say right now, if Randy and Fedor were to meet in the octagon, I’d give it to Randy all day. The Cage is his home.”

    -“Fedor is the best pfp fighter in the world.” – Randy Couture, UFC HW Champion

    Regarding Cro Crop – here is a interesting (translated) interview with one of his former coaches. Apologies if this is old news.

  • MusicCityBeatdown says:

    I would make too much out of what anyone says seconds after they were kneed in the balls. Give the guy a break. If he said it in post fight maybe, but right after he got racked, I would take to seriously.

  • I’d give Cro Cop a break after being kneed in the balls like 2 time per round. I’d be pissed too if my balls hurt, my ribs were broken, and I was disappointing the crowd/myself.

  • “I would make too much out of what anyone says seconds after they were kneed in the balls. Give the guy a break. If he said it in post fight maybe, but right after he got racked, I would take to seriously.”

    Ditto. Also, Joe Rogan is the same guy who didn’t say a word about the Bisping-Hamill screwjob on the same Spike TV broadcast, so his credibility is not at an all-time high right now.

  • Bdavis says:

    Rogan is a moron(as is Goldberg)…..but if he did say it I wouldn’t blame him. In the heat of the battle who wants to get their nuts smashed. Hell iIm 33 and I’m too old for that shit as well! I too am sad. Sad that Cop seems to be a former shell of himself. I hope he comes back but if he doesn’t I hope he goes ahead and retires. I will have no respect for him if he hangs around only to fight cans all the time!

  • HexRei says:

    Wildly premature…

  • Anthony says:

    Undoubtably, Mirko is one of the best fighters ever! In my opinion, he just needs to get back to his roots. He was a champion boxer, and a champion kickboxer. I believe his punching technique is (or was) probably the best in both K1, PRIDE and UFC. I think that he just didn’t make a good transition from ring to octagon, cause in a ring, fighting techniques are more important than in octagon. In UFC you have “dirty boxing” and “gound and pound” as most effective fighting ways (I wouldn’t call them “techniques”), as opposing to “traditional” ringside techniques like boxing, kick-boxing, thai-boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, etc. I hope to see Mirko back in the UFC octagon, showing his full capability and skill. Kongo has a mere 40% of Mirko’s skills, but unfortunately, he took advantage of Mirko’s faults and took an unespected and a VERY fortunate win against a far better opponent. Congrat’s to Kongo and great RESPECT to MIRKO. How can you not respect a man who took such hits in the guts, had a broken rib, and still didn’t won’t to give up! Have YOU ever entered a ring? Mirko, take some time off (like Couture), but please come back and kick everyone’s ass. Cause you can! Hoost!


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