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EliteXC: Exclusive updates on Babalu Sobral and David Loiseau has learned through EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw that the fight promotion has no immediate interest in former UFC fighter Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Shaw said in no way does he condone what Sobral did at UFC 74 and labeled the act as “egregious.” However, he would not rule out the possibility of having interest in Sobral’s services in the future.

I’ve also had several people ask me in recent weeks about the status of David Loiseau. Loiseau, if you recall, fought on EliteXC’s debut card in February and has not been used by the promotion since. There was some speculation that he had been released but Shaw confirmed to that the promotion does in fact have plans for Loiseau and there’s a chance he could be appearing in December in England on a Cage Rage card.

  • luke says:

    best thing elite xc could do is get babalu. war babalu!

  • RT says:

    BABALU is someone that EXC should be all over he is very well known, has a marketable bad ass image and is never in a bad fight why would you not want this guy.
    Especially when there is no such thing as bad press.

  • Tanner says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Does EliteXC even have a 205 LB division now to speak of? Atleast not enough for anyone to know about it. There are quite a few organizations that could use Babalu and EliteXC would be one of them. If Shaw is saying that he wouldn’t pick babalu up then why would he promote a card with krazy horse on it? or even try to get that bastard out of jail to fight on the card. And yet again they promote a guy like Nick Diaz, I love Nick diaz but he’s surronded but his actions and pro pot attitude could be deemed contraversial. I guess i just don’t understand Shaw’s thought process here.

  • MJC_123 says:

    If your trying to build a respectable organisation the last thing you want to do is sign someone like Babalu who has so much bad press around him at the moment. Gary Shaw would get too much heat at the moment best let it cool and see what happens, smart move I reckon.

    The net bloggers would be all over him and his knee-jerk controversial move.

    Elite XC is onto a good thing lets not turn it into WCW.

  • RT says:

    If Babalu were washed up it might be WCWish, but the fact is that any where other then the UFC BABALU would be your 205 pound champ.

    They could push Babalu around that bad press and his wins over shogun etc.

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  • MJC_123 says:

    If you want your organisation to look respectable why hire someone who has had recent police troubles and broken the time honoured fighters code of releasing a hold when your opponent taps.

    He is a good fighter and would own most folk outside UFC but his actions of late bring too much heat around him to make it worth Shaw’s while I personally feel. Sayin that they went to mad legnths to get Bennet to fight so pffff what I just said.

  • Jeremy says:

    I have been surprised by EliteXC’s lack of involvement in the MMA free agent market. With all the name guys out there they could have signed at least some of them and helped build their divisions a little. Guys like Arona, Kang, all the lightweights from Pride all just seem to be sitting there. I know they tried on one occassion and got burned but still I thought they would have at least signed someone. The addition of KOTC, Cage Rage, ICON, and Spirit MC are good but most of their fighters are relatively unknown. It would have been easier to build them up initially with some bigger names in the organization.


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