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Tito Ortiz speaks out on Hamill vs. Bisping decision

Via his account on’s Underground forum, Tito Ortiz has comment on the controversial decision between Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping from UFC 75:

After watching the fight between Matt and Mike, it was clear to me and everyone, that Matt clearly won this fight. I felt I needed to speak out on this since Matt is my boy. He trains hard and delivered 100%. The UFC needs to come out of their silent hiding and make a call on this. They obviously reward matches to who THEY want to win, not to the top competitor. So, here it is… I challenge the UFC to actually do the right thing for Matt Hamill… Tito Ortiz

Could Tito be doing some early marketing for a future bout vs. Bisping?

  • Screwface says:

    i still disagree with everyone on this, hamill ran out of gas, and if he didnt maybe the outcome would be different, but sadly he did thus costing him the victory.

  • Naomi says:

    Matt Hamill punished Bisping and thats all there is too it. Everyone at my house on fight night was so pissed off at the results. Matt was robbed from his victory. Bisping is just an arrogant, cocky, jerk and to think I used to like him before. BOOO Bisping!

  • wise says:

    first of all, screwface, your name says it all…so what if hamill gased in the third round, he spanked bisbing in the first two….and even though he was gased in the third…bisbing still spent just about half that third round on his back thanks to two take downs from hamil, ill give bisbing the benifit of the doubt cause im a nice guy and give him the third round…but you are out of your mind if you think he one the second cause there is no way in hell he came even close to winning the first…i almost scored the first round a 10-8 round. i lost alot of respect for bisbing for the way he talked about hamill, he should have been a little more humble while talking to joe rogan cause he knows damn well he lost the fight, he amost crapped his shorts when he found out he won….thats how excited and suprized he was…i also lost respect for the ufc as a whole for letting this happed………..before you know its gonnbe like wwe wrestling….where the most popular guys who will bring ratings will be the winner, not the better fighter

  • Edgar says:

    I totally agree that the decision was wrong and I was going for Bisping. I had $20 on Bisping, after watching his previous fight I was very impressed and Matts previous performance being ok at best. I was certain Bisping would win me some money. However by the end of the fight even cheering for Bisping it was obvious that Matt took every round.. so much so that I gave my friend $20 and called him a lucky shit. Imagine my suprise when they gave the fight to Bisping! I cant say im sad that he Hamill lost because I honestly enjoy the tantrum my friend went into but I just dont see how the fight was given to Bisping. I think to say it was a draw would have been far fetched but to give the fight to Bisping was really fucked up.


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