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The dynamic duo: Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller had Jason “Mayhem” Miller conduct some post-fight interviews following EliteXC’s Uprising event in Hawaii this past Saturday.

The best interview was when Mayhem interview Nick Diaz and Diaz went on a rant. Mayhem’s facial expressions were priceless. Just seeing the two together in the same room at the same time is quite interesting.

You can check out the video by clicking here.

After watching the video I think two things need to happen.

First, Showtime should hire Mayhem to do the in the cage post-fight interviews for EliteXC events.

Second, Diaz and Mayhem should have their own daily talk show together. It would be simply amazing.

  • Jeremy says:

    HAHA, yeah I watched that yesterday and thought it was hilarious. I’ve never heard anyone talk like Diaz. He’s just one run on sentence, it’s like he doesn’t breathe.

    Mayhem is classic, his pre fight interviews were very good as well with BJ Penn and Kendall Grove.

  • Fujin says:

    Mayhem is the best interviewer evah!

  • Fujin says:

    Yeah all of his interviews on the Elite XC site are pretty good.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Lol, mayhem. That’s what a I needed this morning. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I totally lost track of what Diaz was saying after the first minute.

  • Matt says:

    holy crap that was funny. I LOVE how the camera man kept zooming in on Diaz whenever Miller started making the “sleepy eyes”. Then Miller throws in a “fuck yeah” just for kicks. Classic rambling Nick Diaz.

  • smelly hands says:

    hahaha! that was excellent. diaz seems to have OD’d on the whole newfound grasp of ‘PR’ he’s been talking about.

  • rob eflorida says:

    favorite interviewer—Miller
    Favorite interviewee —diaz

    Miller is absolutely a wasted treasure!!
    He needs to be exploited!
    Im sick of watching his youtube videos over and over. (make more mahem miller shows!)
    I am so surprised Miller wasnt used before Bill Goldberg.

    Diaz is one of the most interesting “interviews” (monologues)

    For them to have a show together would be genius,,,Im not even talking about a hit on Spike Channel, but on VH1, ABC, FOX or NBC

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Since I first suggested the idea for the two to do a show, I am going to campaign to be the host. It will be like the male version of “The View.” I’ll be the moderator and toss out topical issues and get their opinions. We could talk about The Rockerfeller laws in NY, the war in Iraq, O.J.’s latest arrest, Miss South Carolina, etc. It would be brilliant.


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