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Exclusive: Denis Kang confirms signing with K-1 HERO’s

Denis Kang has revealed to that he has formally signed a contract with K-1 HERO’s. The deal between Kang and K-1 had been rumored for quite some time but was not finalized until recently.

The date of Kang’s first fight and his first opponent have yet to be determined.

  • bubbafat says:

    thanks Sam , awesome news

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  • Adam says:

    Another top PRIDE guy that the UFC fails to sign. One they really could have used, too. The state of the middleweight division right now is awful. How salty do you think Zuffa is that those contracts weren’t transferable?

  • Tanner says:

    thing is Dana has said a few times that he doesn’t think that Kang is one of the upper echelon fighters from PRIDE.

  • Adam says:

    Dana may say that, but he can’t honestly believe that. Especially considering the UFC middleweight division right now.

  • HexRei says:

    Dana blew it.

  • Tanner says:

    I totally agree with you on that one. I think they could deifnately use Kang, even quite a few others for the 185 division.

  • Jeremy says:

    Definitely could have used Kang, but there was no way they were gonna let him fight for Spirit MC and that was before ProElite bought into it. So that was going to be a HUGE hurdle and one Kang said he had to be able to do.

  • sonzai says:

    “Definitely could have used Kang, but there was no way they were gonna let him fight for Spirit MC and that was before ProElite bought into it. So that was going to be a HUGE hurdle and one Kang said he had to be able to do.”

    Exactly. I understand he has a year left on that deal and a one-year deal with K-1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if–IF– the UFC runs a show in Japan or Korea, we see Kang in the UFC after this year is up. Dana has said he likes Kang a lot, it’s just that Spirit MC contract that got in the way, and if an exception is made for Kang, it is made for all. And no, Kang is not one of the top draws from PRIDE and that’s mostly what Dana cares about: Drawing power. If he’s serious about running in Asia, specifically in Korea as he’s said, then Kang will be along.

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  • Davey D says:

    I’ll tell you what. I think Dana wants Kang to prove his worth elsewhere before he gives Denis a contact. Otherwise they could have signed a deal. lHopefully, Kang can defeat all of his opponent’s in K-1 and then move onto the UFC. Personally, I’d like to see him fighting someone in the UFC MW class now but “it is what it what is” and he’s not there. If Denis can succeed in K-1 first, then he’ll get a PHAT ASS contract going into the UFC. I really think that’s what Dana wants anyways in this situation.

    I guess Dana & Joe know better than we do and so…they do have a plan after 10/20/07, right now. I hope they do because they need to. Anyways, I’m not the one who calls the shot’s and I’ll stayed tuned for the news ahead.

    I think Terry Martin will defeat Leben and in dominating fashion. Anedrson will defeat Rich. Dan Henderson will get a shot to unify the 185 lb. class titles first. If he doesn’t want to do so then so be it. Let him rest for a bit and stay @ 205 lbs. I’d like to see Ryo Chonan in the UFC at some point ahead too. WHY NOT? The MW class could be sooooo much more than what it is now. It’ll just take some time to grow. I truly believe that it will.


  • 45 Huddle says:

    Don’t blame Zuffa for this one. Kang is just more valuable in the Asian Market compared to the North American Market.

    Paulo Filho gets $50,000 for a win. Denis Kang gets $100,000 for a fight. No way Zuffa can contend with that. And honestly, he is not worth a 6 figure per fight guarantee at this point in his career based on his popularity in the states.

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  • devin says:

    whats dana thinkin? kangs one of the 5 best mw in the world and young and exciting… a definently good addition

  • Reason says:

    Seriously, what the fuck? Kang should’ve definitely been picked up. The guy is basically tailor made for the UFC.


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