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UFC 76/UFN 11 conference call notes

The UFC held a combined conference call for the media today in regard to both UFC Fight Night 11 next Wednesday on Spike TV and UFC 76 next Saturday on pay-per-view.

Involved with the call were Chuck Liddell, Keith Jardine and Kenny Florian. Dana White and Din Thomas had been advertised for the call but did not attend. UFC PR rep Jennifer Wenk indicated that White was on another call. At one point they thought he might be able to join in later in the call, but that wasn’t the case. There was no word on why Thomas was not available.

There was nothing all too earth-shattering, but here’s a general rundown of several things the fighters said:

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  • RT says:

    Diaz was on point through that whole interview and it gives you an interesting view into what motivates him and why he is, what he is………..

  • Screwface says:

    I hate when Dana makes fights like Matt Hughes vs Cris Lytle , and Rich Franklin vs Jason Macdonald, and now the new craptacular event of Chuck Liddell vs Keith Jardine.
    Fans deserve more than these “Here fight this *ussy so you can look like you dont suck”. I know i just pissed off a few peeps with that, but seriously think about it, arent you tired of these type of events? I love chuck but id like to see a fight worth seeing.


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