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Ortiz vs. Evans II set for UFC 78 in Newark? was the first site I know of to point out a Tito Ortiz article that appears in today’s edition of the Pahrump Valley Times that suggests Ortiz’s next match will be on Nov. 17 in Newark, NJ at UFC 78.

No opponent was named, though one can only assume it will be Rashad Evans:

Eventually Ortiz received his associate degree and didn’t use drugs again. His fighting career progressed (his next bout will be Nov. 17 in Newark, N.J.). The clothing line he began with $500 is now a million-dollar business.

As you can read, that’s not a lot to go on and I’m not ready to call Evans vs. Ortiz II for UFC as official. But it’s something and we all should know more a little later today because there’s a UFC 76 conference call scheduled for later today and Dana White will be on the call. How much do you want to bet someone asks him about it?

Also, you should check out the Ortiz article. It provides some interesting detail on his back story growing up.

  • Rory says:

    If you are on the call, I would really like hear what Dana has to say about Lyoto Machida. What he thinks of him, where Lyoto is in the LHW picture, who he might fight next if he beats Nakamura, that kind of thing. Anything on Machida and/or Nakamura would be great.

  • robnashville says:

    Sam, do you know if this fight is the last one on Tito’s contract or if he has re-upped with UFC? I read on a somewhat reputable site that this fight was his last. Tito is a pretty decent PPV draw and might be attractive to EXC and Cuban (Mezger running the show notwithstanding) if he were available.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    To my knowledge, Tito has not re-signed so Evans vs. Ortiz II will be the last fight on his deal. When I last spoke to Tito he told me the UFC holds the right of first refusal on his contract. So even after the Evans fight, he won’t be a true free agent. He’ll be free to negotiate with other promotions, but the UFC can match any offer if it so chooses.

  • Zack says:

    So help me god, the re-match had better not be the headliner unless they stack the shit out of the rest of the card with some surprises like Dennis Kang, Aoki, Gomi, etc. Sam, I know we disagreed on Lidell/Jardine being a headliner, but please tell me you woulnd’t be OK with this being the headliner….

  • robnashville says:

    thanks for the info Sam.


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