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UFC News & Notes: Comments from Bisping, Hamill, and Ratner; and more!

The post-UFC 75 fallout continues with a lot of fighters and UFC reps going on the record. There are also some other interesting stories out there right now pertaining to upcoming UFC events.

Let’s run it all down at once:

— Michael Bisping has addressed Saturday’s controversial split decision win over Matt Hamill at UFC 75 via his web site at Bisping.TV. He seems to have calmed down and in addition to asking for a rematch, is giving Hamill the credit he deserves for his performance. I left a full post on the situation at

— Matt Hamill has addressed the current 10-point must scoring system and his feeling on how to rectify what he considers to be flawed criteria:

I think MMA is a great sport and I don’t believe in any kind of a fix. The two judges that scored the win for Bisping obviously need to re-evaluate the way they score a fight. You can’t win a fight when you run for three rounds. They need to study the criteria for scoring an MMA fight: effective striking, grappling, takedowns, aggression and control. Bisping did none of that in my opinion.

— There’s a ton of great audio clips on “Mr. Sunshine” Steve Cofield’s blog. UFC V.P. of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner spoke at length about to controversy behind the Hamill vs. Bisping decision. He said he was also proud of the job the fight promotion did when it came to the drug testing they performed. You can hear the audio by clicking here.

— Josh Burkman confirmed via a MySpace bulletin that he will indeed be fighting Forrest Petz at UFC 77 on Oct. 20 in Cincinnati.

— According to Thomas Gerbasi of, Wilson Gouveia suffered a broken nose and his match on Sept. 22 UFC 76 vs. Jason Lambert has been scrapped. The match will be re-scheduled for a later date and a replacement bout has not been announced. At such a late juncture, I’m not sure their will be because believe it or not, we’re less than two weeks away. is report that the UFC rewarded Marcus Davis handsomely for his performance this past Saturday at UFC 75 in London. In addition to winning “Fight of the Night” he also won “Submission of the Night.” Each bonus was worth $40,000 so Davis walked away with $80,000 in total bonus money.

— Patrick Cote has spoken to The Fight Network and is campaigning to get on the UFC’s Dec. 29 card. He’s calling out the winner of the upcoming match between Terry Martin vs. Chris Leben at UFN 11 on Sept. 19 because he’s got beef with both:

Cote (11-4) is already familiar with one of his targets, having lost a close split decision to Leben (16-4) back at the first “Ultimate Fight Night” in Aug. 2005. The Quebec City native would like the chance to avenge that defeat.

“I just want to prove to everybody that I was robbed last time [against Leben],” says Cote. “I will not leave the fight in the judge’s hands next time.”

As for Martin (16-2), the Canadian middleweight’s motivation is really fueled by a genuine dislike for the Chicago resident.

“I just don’t like this guy,” says Cote. “He has a big mouth. Terry Martin has said he’s the next big thing at 185 and that he will be champion. He thinks he has heavy hands because he knocked out Jorge Rivera. But if you watch that fight, you see Rivera was already off balance and he caught him.”

  • Brent says:

    Bisping should teach back-pedaling, he’s a pro at it, in and out of the ring…

  • Sam – They announced UFC 76 will only have 8 bouts so there won’t be any replacement but Lambert is still going to be paid his base salary (at least according to reports).

  • Fujin says:

    I’m happy that Marcus Davis got those big bonuses. He deserved it. I’ve been very impressed with him since his fight with Guillard.

    I’ve watched the Hamill/Bisping fight a few times and the more I watch it, the less it seems like a complete robbery. I think it could of gone either way. But I think Hamill is right about MMA judges needing to reevaluate how they score fights. And I’m glad Bisping “calmed” down and acted with more sportsmanship even if it was after the fact.

    Gouveia/Lambert was going to be a war. It was a shame Gouveia got injured. At least we’ll see it on a near future UFC card.

  • I agree on the win bonuses Fujin. That comeback by Davis was something else and that was for sure the fight of the night. I’m glad Taylor received a bonus as well because he put up a hell of a fight.

  • It’s not surprising that Marc Ratner would adopt the tone that his bosses usually take in response to any criticism from any source.

    On a related note, MMA Junkie has a story up that Marcus Davis, Paul Taylor, and Houston Alexander are already set to receive their UFC 75 bonuses for Best Fight & Best Knockout, which is strange given the fact that Dana White was so emphatic in his ESPN interviews a few weeks back about none of the fighters getting any of their secret money until all of the drug test results are in (and taking into account the fact that it takes a minimum of 5 to 7 days for the drug test results to come back).

    Then again, if the UFC is only drug-testing four out of eighteen fighters on any of these unregulated UFC events at which there is no athletic commission other than the UFC Quasi-Commission (and given that they have never even said who those four figthers are), would that mean that only the four drug-tested fighters would be eligible for the bonuses?

    Or are the 14 fighters who are not drug-tested just assumed to be clean based on some sort of Scouts’ Honor system?


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