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UFC 75: Dana White working on Hamill vs. Bisping rematch

I was going to write a long article about all the crazy talk pertaining to the controversial decision between Matt Hamill vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 75 but Kevin Iole has an article available on Yahoo! Sports that pretty much says everything I have to say.

If you want to know what I think, just read Iole’s article by clicking here.

I scored it 29-28 for Hamill with Hamill winning rounds 1 and 2. I’m a Bisping fan and even I know who won that fight. It wasn’t corruption, it was just incompetence.

The issues I have are this:

1. The UFC regulated their own event and decided to bring in their own judges. They had no choice because there is no regulation. So they decided to bring in their own judges and I’m assuming they decide to fly in the top guys. Do they really consider Cecil Peoples a top judge? If so, can someone from the UFC please contact me privately and enlighten me because I think he’s… well, not so good.

2. Is there any accountability system when it comes to judging? Look, people have off nights and make mistakes and judging is subjective in nature so there’s always going to be controversy. But what if a judge continually gets it wrong? Do the commissions evaluate judges and critique them?

3. Why is there no regulation of MMA in the UK? It’s not like England is some third world country. You’ve got the UFC running shows regularly now and Cage Rage is also a big deal. There are also some smaller promotions. When is the UK going to get on the ball and institute some kind of regulatory board? The UFC would prefer not to have to regulate their own events.

Also, I know Bisping didn’t show a lot of grace after his fight but I understand where he’s coming from.

Hamill ran his mouth a lot and made the unusual claim that Bisping isn’t the rightful TUF 3 winner because he had been injured. Trying to detract from Bisping’s accomplishment isn’t cool so I think we should cut the guy a little slack for being emotional after the fight.

Regardless, it looks like we might see a rematch to settle this once and for all according to a quote by Dana White in Iole’s article:

White said the rematch is “a no-brainer and I’m going to be on it right away.”

Hold the phone though, because a rematch might not happen if Bisping drops down to middleweight. According to, Bisping is ready to make the move ASAP: has now learned that Bisping is likely to go down to middleweight after this fight.

  • Beantownskr says:

    What a bunch of bullshit…That is just a way of prolonging the inevitable, which is Bisping getting his ass knocked out…I’d say although Hammil won that fight, Bisping would take 7 if they fought 10…Skip that damn rematch, give Hammil another fight against someone like Stephan Bonnar, and Feed Bisping to Houston Alexander…If the both win then do a rematch to see who should remain a contender

  • garth says:

    If I was Bisping I’d head to 185 as fast as the bike would take me and not look back. Hamill’s only failure in the fight with Count Douche was a bad gameplan on the ground. In a rematch the devastation could be spectacular.

  • oj says:

    Sam –

    Do you really think Foxsports “learned” that Bisping is dropping down to middleweight for his next fight? They don’t provide any evidence or source for their information.

    I think they “learned” it from Joe Rogan’s comments during the telecast suggesting that Bisping should drop to middleweight.

  • jazzn says:

    Who wants to see a rematch? Not me. I know who won. I’d like to see Hamill get a good fight against a top 10 light-heavy.

    As for Bisping, I think it would be very amusing to see him get his butt kicked by Rich Franklin or even Rashad Evans. (Evens vs Ortiz II sounds like a cure for insomnia.)


  • Jeremy says:

    I don’t think many people wanted to see this match prior to the fight, even with the controversy surrounding it I don’t how much I want to see it again. I don’t think it does anything for either fighter and really doesn’t prove anything to us either.

  • Matt Boone says:

    Normally I can find a way to defend any close split decision with controversy….but this one wasn’t close at all and I have 0 argument for the other side. I’m gonna re-watch the fight as closely as possible later and try my ass off, but I seriously doubt I’ll find anything to try and make the reverse argument. Bash away

  • Zack says:

    I can’t believe the big deal being made about this fight – it was a shit match. Bisping never tried to finish the fight and looked like he was trying to win based on landing jabs. Hamill had superior strength and aggression but did nothing with his takedowns – no serious submissions attempted, no ground and pound to speak of. I thought it was a draw, but wasn’t shocked that Bisping won based on other decisions I’ve seen. There’s too much emphasis on what happens at the end of rounds, who looks “fresher”, and who throws more punches (no matter how harmless they may have been). The Kos gameplan against Sanchez and both Tito and Evan’s gameplans against each other followed the new boring model of MMA that I hope doesn’t become the norm – Trade cautiously until the end of the round and then go for the takedown with 30 seconds left in the round.

  • WHAT? says:


  • Andrej says:

    It was Matt Hamill’s fault for not finishing the fight when he was on the ground. Matt Hamill had Michael Bisping’s back twice and did not finish him. Everyone know’s you don’t want to take it to a judges decision. Let yourself decide your fate, not somebody else.

  • RT Hammer says:

    If neither of them is injured they should do it again at 77 in Ohio. A little role reversal to take advantage of Hamill’s face turn! It would do huge buisness but it’ll more likely be at 78 in NJ.

  • el boxeo says:

    at least dana white recognized the need for a rematch… cause had this been boxing aint no way bisbing would ever fight hamil again…but in this case it seems like he will have to in order to stay at 205 or drop down to 185 where everybody would say that hamil put him there…

    it was even worse for bisbing cause this was on free tv. im sure had it been on ppv it still wouldve been bad but im sure more people saw this and said wtf. … the fix is in

    while im sure the fix (in some sort of a way was in) its not a fix like paying off the judges.. but judges (especially judges that work for ufc constantly ) know what decisions are “smart”

    i dont think dana or any ufc official ever says anything to judges but im sure by looking at where they were and who was on the poster , they had an idea who to favor..

    bullsh1t like this happens in boxing all the time and one of the reasons its at where its at… ufc should try to avoid this at all costs…

    wonder how you do get to be a judge… could it be favortism or that they are company guys…

  • ILTN says:

    What gave you the impression Cage Rage was a big deal over here?

  • phyteguru says:

    As a martial arts judge myself, I agreed with most everyone else. 29-28 Hamill.

    However, the point of this comment is to let Sam know, I agree that Cecil Peoples has made some mind-boggling decisions in the past. I’d love to quit my day job to be a UFC judge…


  • I paid the bet I lost to my buddy I was watching the fight with before the decision was announced knowing Bisping had lost. When they announced the decision I didnt even try and get my money back.

  • Screwface says:

    it could have gone either way, but bisping won and i think he deserved it. hamill won 1st round no arguements, but 2nd round was a toss up because hamill started losing gas. and 3rd round bisping def won as hamill was completely out of gas ( a recurring problem for him ). It could have gone either way, but the judges say bisping won and i dont fault them. Tough decision , good fight, and rematch should be fun :)

  • Brian says:

    I promise, with all my heart, I will not buy ppv 76. And you can take that to the bank. Brian


    That was one of the worst decisions ever, bisping should keep his mouth shut and run to lower weight class. Dana this is why I don’t watch boxing, keep it out of the UFC….: {

  • […] Five Ounces of Pain | UFC 75: Dana White working on Hamill vs. Bisping rematch As I knows there will be rematch of Hamill vs Bisping…that might take in England again. That what I don’t really want a match in England as should go to Ohio where Hamill’s hometown as "Turn the table" match. That should be take in early 2008 for Hamill vs Bisping. I won’t be know who will win sinc both guys learned their lesson then who will do game plan change. I do hope Hamill to stay on "ground and pound" on Bisping all the night which he did let Bisping get up few times. Do elbowing smash on Bisping alot, Matt! This time, I don’t know what Hamill’s plan : rematch or stick with Olympic try out in 2008. Best luck, Matt! […]


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