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Salvaging What’s Left of Cro Cop’s Career

An all-points bulletin was issued in London last night and a search-and-rescue mission was officially launched in hopes of finding anything resembling Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s once promising UFC career following his unanimous-decision loss to Cheick Kongo.As it stands now, Cro Cop’s UFC career is in ruin, and he’s on the verge of going down as the biggest bust in company history.

During Saturday’s match vs. Kongo at UFC 75, Cro Cop was dwarfed by a fighter with respectable — but far less accomplished — striking credentials who was bigger, faster, stronger, and on this night, better.

This isn’t a case of overreacting. The UFC has a serious problem on its hands from a business standpoint. They can’t just hit the restart button and do another take when it comes to Cro Cop. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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  • Dan says:

    Cro Cop vs. Arlovski

    Loser Leaves Town.

  • sajo says:

    ^^almost like HW TUF

  • hbdale309 says:

    Great piece. It would be awesome to see Cro Cop fight at 205, but right now he’s using the “I broke my rib in the 1st round” excuse – so his apologists will use that as leverage to keep him at 220. There’s just not many good fights left for him at HW, where LHW would be loaded for him. Let’s face it, we want to see Cro Cop maul some dudes and he’s too out-sized in the UFC HW division to make that happen.

    The current Cro Cop would be mauled by Fedor and Randy, and do we really want to see him fight Big Nog again? Not me.

  • Fujin says:

    Lets wait to see whether Mirko actually broke his rib (BJ produced the x-rays to prove it) before saying his career is over.

  • Accomando says:

    Man, isn’t Cro-Cop a the equivelant of a senator in his country of Croatia?

    A retirement from fighting isn’t out of the question with this type of fighter. Presumably, Cro-Cop has a lot on his plate, he is a politician, I have heard his wife nags him to retire, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to keep going back in there when he realizes he is out of his element.

    The UFC will not change the cage to a ring, so Cro-Cop is in trouble IMO. He has said before he will finish out his contract for sure, so 3 fights left right? That is the most we will get out of him because Mirko isn’t the kind of guy who will be 40 years old and fighting on Indian reservations before he retires.

    He is a man with a reputation and numerous other demands in his life besides fighting. Not many fighters can say that. I don’t know what he will do, but at the most, he will fight 3 more times in the UFC to finish the contract. After that, maybe Mirko could go back to K-1, but he has no future in the UFC.

  • bubbafat says:

    Bloody bandwagon jumpers, Mirko Filipovic is still one of the best heavy weights in the world, even at just 220 lbs. Did anyone see him get bagged (twice) in the first round. Big John talked to KOngo between rounds and warned him to keep his knees down, then in the second round Kongo bags him again( right in front of Big John). Now I’m no reff but a fighter should get only 1 warning, after that it’s either a point taken or a simple DQ.
    Add this all to Mirko’s broken rib(if you doubt it then you didn’t see the fight)and Mirko Cro Cop is still one tough son’of’a [email protected]#$.

  • bubbafat says:

    If Kongo had a point taken away for the low blow, would he still have won the fight? I got Kongo 2-1 but…

  • Cory77530 says:

    I had Kongo winning by a point as well so if you take a point away from the low blow then you have a draw…..Having said that I was still very disappointed in Mirko’s performance….He’s definately out of his element in the cage…..Simply put he seems intimidated by the atmosphere of the UFC…..I’m not sure he will recover even if he moves down to LHW. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch between Mirko and Silva

  • ben says:

    Well this is a relatively late post but I have been following news about Mirko for the last caouple of months and if you wanna know if this guy is serious here are some facts… He bought a full sized cage, he had sugery on a deviated septum that was blocking 50% of his breathing in his nose, he is increasing he weight from 100kg to 105kg to so he does not lose power against larger apponents like GG or CK, and is going to Holland to train with Hypolite. Obviously he is still serious and does not want to be a bust. That said, I hope to see an impressive return in 08.


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