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Want to know what I really think of the UFC’s middleweight division?

I just wrote an article for that breaks down the UFC’s current middleweight division. It might take you four hours to read it but you might enjoy it.

Just click here to check it out.

  • I left a comment on the post (it’s still pending moderation) but your writeup was very good. I think Penn is a stretch (which you said in the article) but I think that the winner of Lister-Tanner, Swick, and Henderson are among the most likely in my book. I think McFedries and Kampmann are up there as well but because they’re both out with injuries they are basically out of the picture for a while at least.

  • Fujin says:

    With some time, Leites can be a contender.

    I want to see Filho, Mayhem and Lindland in the UFC. That is my dream for the MW division.

  • jaydog says:

    The next time Dana gets asked a question about the middleweight division he should just say, “Ask Sam Caplan, cuz I’ve been sleeping on that weight class.” But seriously, I hope he takes some cues from your post.


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