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Trigg’s broadcast partner addresses Shields’ comments

Frank Trigg co-hosts an Internet radio show every weekday at and one of his broadcast partners on the show, Gorgeous George, posted on 5 Oz. earlier in response to the story I did on the EliteXC conference call earlier this week. George wanted to clarify some of the comments Shields made in reference to a matchup between he and Trigg falling through for a card to be held in October in San Francisco.

I want to be fair to all sides and let everyone have their side of the story. I don’t want to bury George’s comments in the comment section of the original article so I thought I’d post his reaction to what I had reported earlier.

First, here’s what I wrote in regard to Shields:

– I asked Shields about his feud with Frank Trigg. He said that the match had been set for October in San Francisco and that both verbally agreed. When it came time to return contracts, Trigg never signed his and then wouldn’t answer his phone. Shields said he’s still open to the match but isn’t sure it’s worth pursuing right now.

– Someone asked a followup about the difference in weight class between Shields and Trigg. Shields said he’d be willing to fight at 185 if the offer is right. I am pretty sure he said the offer he had this time around wasn’t enough for him to fight Trigg at middleweight.

Here is what George had to say:

hey sam,

always look forward to your articles here or on junkie. one comment i wanted to make about the shields-trigg match in san fran. both jake and frank were on the gracie fighting champ card in miami that subsequently was cancelled. frank got hosed on that deal and decided he didn’t want to accept offers from smaller orgs without some sort of “retainer” or purse up front. the people in san fran were supposed to fly to la and take care of that with frank’s manager ricco and it never happened. therefore, trigg decided not to put himself in the same position where he could get burned. also, the contract said 175 when he clearly has stated he intends to stay at 185 for now. at the same time, jake has stated he would move up to 185 so that should never be an issue.

I think EliteXC should step up and make this match happen at 185 lbs. Shields already has said he’d be willing to do it if the offer was right.


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