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Do these Dana White quotes look familiar? (updated)

I received a lot of good feedback on the interview I did with Dana White for It looks like a writer by the name of Mark Gilbert liked the interview so much he stole the quotes for his article on the online edition of The Sun newspaper without citing the proper source.

Actually, Gilbert doesn’t cite any source.

I know there are cultural differences between the U.S. and the UK but do you mean to tell me that plagiarism is acceptable over there?

Here, read for yourself:

My interview with Dana
Mark Gilbert’s “interview” with Dana

Update: The Sun is giving proper credit at the bottom of the article now. They really should attribute the quotes in the body of the article but I guess something is better than nothing.

  • steve says:

    Sam: Have you thrown him an email yet?

  • At first glance it didn’t even look legitimate (the page design was weird) but it definitely is. Like Steve asked have you been in touch with him or anyone else at the website directly yet?

  • Greg says:

    Wow…That is really really bad…

    You were not kidding about the stolen material..

  • Jayofteror says:

    Wow! Mark Gilbert is a crook. Soon he will be quoting “to be or not to be” as his own material. *sigh*


  • Trent says:

    Shame that people keep ripping you off Sam, but it speaks countless words for how amazing you are when it comes to MMA journalism. Consider it a backwards compliment.. there was no way this punk could write an article one tenth as well as you could.

    Don’t let these parasitic leeches get you down bro. When a writer for one of the biggest papers in the UK rips you off, it means you have a bubbling well of talent that these so called ‘journalist’ hacks can only dream of.

    Keep on keepin on,

  • Neil says:

    The Sun newspaper is almost the UK equivalent to the ‘National Enquirer’. It’s the type of newspaper that over-sensationalises really trivial matters. Therefore, it is no surprise they would ‘steal’ other peoples work. The ‘journalists’ at the Sun are not capable of writing their own Mother’s a birthday card….

  • Pontus says:

    You should contact them, The Sun is such a big newspaper that you hope that they would do something about it.

  • Luke D says:

    Might be worth looking over their recent coverage – there was a two page spread in the print edition on either Tuesday or Wednesday you might want to look over to – if ive still got it, ill see if i can dig it out and send it on if you want it

  • MJC_123 says:

    I live in the UK do you want me to give the sun a ring on your behalf?
    Drop me an email if you fancy just shitting them up a bit if nothing else….The Sun is a piece of trash sensaitonalist rag so wouldn’t mind winding the wankers up…

  • MJC_123 says:

    I see he has now quoted the source…
    Oh well no Sun baiting today…. Good one Sam you internationally recognised writer you!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Yeah, it looks like they are crediting now. Thank you for the support guys!

  • Man, it was a good interview. I was glad to hear alot of the questions asked that rattle around in the heads of the hard core fans.

  • Derek says:

    Hey Sam, glad you caught that. My friend just sent me the link to the Gilbert article last night and immediately I recognized those Dana quotes from your interview. I was going to give you the heads up but it looks like you beat me to it.

  • “Quotes courtesy of and Sam Caplan.”

    This is now at the bottom of the article.

  • Carson says:

    The UK media is a joke. They are more tabloids than journalism.

  • Simon says:

    unfortunately, The Sun has quite a precedent for “exclusives” and unsourced steals. There’s even a nice little website set out which targets their Entertainment woman, Victoria Newton. She’s constantly stealing MySpace blurbs and quoting them as “exclusive interviews”, it exists to point out how rubbish she is:

  • Al says:

    > The UK media is a joke. They are more tabloids than journalism.

    Well, The Sun is a tabloid. Admittedly, an awful one even by those standards.

  • Didn’t realize it was a tabloid. I guess Lesnar has that sort of draw but I thought it was a regular (albeit lower level) newspaper. I like the backwards compliment comment by Trent, keep up the good work Sam.

  • Al says:

    The depths to which the Sun will plunge know no bounds, believe me. (Have a read here if interested:

    Regardless, The Sun is probably the worst paper in England, with sensationalist stories and shoddy journalism. But, hey, it has topless women so who cares right?


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