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Mauro Ranallo to go Inside the Cage!

Matt Cava of and I will be joined on this week’s edition of Inside the Cage Radio by the best play-by-play man in MMA, Mauro Ranallo.

Mauro, who is both the voice of The Fight Network as well as the lead announcer for EliteXC, will be joining Matt and I to discuss last weekend’s Art of War III show (Mauro was the play-by-play voice for the show) that took place in Dallas and aired on PPV as well as EliteXC’s next show from Hawaii on Saturday, September 15.

You can listen to last week’s show by clicking the play button that appears on the live player below. Matt and I were joined by both Dann Stupp of and the Dayton Daily News and also Luke Thomas of We not only reviewed UFC 74 but previewed this weekend’s UFC 75 show.

  • canuck says:

    Sam – I’ve been reading for months, typically agree with you, but Ranallo as “the best play-by-play man in MMA??” um, have you heard of Rogan? Ranallo’s pretty good, but i think that goldie and rogan are the unsung heroes of the ufc, they’ve made the sport accessible to a huge number of fans. Ranallo’s not nearly as good at explaining the sport.

  • jaydog says:

    Sam, what’s that killer intro music?

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Rogan is a color commentator and primarily provides analysis. As a play-by-play guy, his role is to call and describe the action, not necessarily explain it. The explanation comes from the color commentator.

    Comparing Rogan to Ranallo is comparing apples to oranges. Comparing Ranallo to Goldberg is the proper comparison. I think Goldberg does a good job. I just like Mauro’s style better.


    I believe it’s a Metallica song. Matt is a huge Metallica fan (he’s got Metallica floor mats in his car).

  • jaydog says:

    I can’t condone Metallica floor-mats, but I would like to nominate thrash metal as the soundtrack to MMA. And maybe some choice hip-hop bangers for variety. However, no mixing of the two (a la Limp Bizquick, etc). White suburban rappers togetger with loud guitars does not a fun time make.


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