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In a new article at, my boss and editor, Denny Burkholder, is reporting that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is indeed serious about expanding his holdings in MMA. Cuban informed Burkholder that his first hire is none other than former UFC champion Guy Mezger.

Cuban has hired MMA veteran Guy Mezger to run the day-to-day operations of his MMA project, and will rely on Mezger to handle tasks such as talent evaluation.

“We have already started,” Cuban said. “Our first hire was Guy Mezger, who will be responsible for managing fight cards, attracting and signing fighters.”

Mezger runs the Lions Den affiliate in Dallas, TX and has served as a commentator and matchmaker for several MMA organizations. His reputation in the industry is impeccable.

In addition to working with Mezger, it appears that Ed Fishman, formerly of Pride, could be involved somehow as well:

In White Chocolate’s press release, they indicated that former Pride Fighting Championships USA president Ed Fishman was present for the recent meetings with Cuban and Mezger. Fishman was the driving force behind Pride FC’s pay-per-view events held in Las Vegas in 2006 and early 2007, in the days before the company was sold to UFC parent company Zuffa LLC.

I’m only giving you bits and pieces here. You really should go to and check the entire report out by clicking here.

  • dice says:

    Cuban and fishman? Thats a lot scratch between those two. I think that it is going to be extremely hard though for anyone to just start a new MMA org and be successful. They may have had a chance if they had been able to purchase the pride name but starting from the ground up is impossible. It takes at least a year or two to build up a roster and while your doing that you will always be operating at a loss. You have to be in it for the long haul and I don’t see them wanting to make that kind of commitment. Now if you tried to run it like boxing? Thats a different story. Run a few cards a year where you just sign the top free agents in the sport to one fight deals (think about how if right now how great of a card you could put together with who is still unsigned or signed to non exclusive deals).

    I will say that if there is ever a chance (as slim as it may be) of someone being able to get a piece of the pie: this is it. It is still a very young sport relative to football, basketball, hockey etc. Because it won’t be too long before the UFC is like the NFL. And starting up a league against them will be like Vince Mcmahon trying to start the XFL against the NFL.

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  • Accomando says:

    Mezger should stick to coaching his World Combat League team, which sucks by the way.(I think)

  • Cuban is so smart. Thats why the dude has money, he hires a guy like Guy Mezger. He is one of those guys that hires people that know what he is getting into verses acting like an expert and making a bunch of mistakes.

    I really think this is big that Cuban is getting into this stuff. MMA is fittin to get bigger.

  • bubbafat says:

    Cuban has the money, but WHY Mezger? I think he would be about as good a consultant as Ken or Frank. I guess if that’s your standard all the powere to ya. It’s a whole new MMA business war out there and I just don’t see this org. gaining any more status than some other billionaires pet project(Calvin Ayre with Bodog).

  • Fluyid says:

    First show of theirs will be the second week of October in Dallas.

    You heard it here first.

  • lococabrone says:

    Bubbafat…get a clue bro…Mezger is a low profile dude that hasn’t been out there making an ass of his self just for the self promotion. He’s got the street cred in the business to critique the top fighters and one would assume the experience to recognize the up and comers. Above all that, Cuban is taking this straight to high def to be viewed for free. I’m just suprised UFC hasn’t already gone the high def route, since they charge so much to watch a fight…Cuban will end up owning UFC before it’s over. He makes Dana look like a sunday school teacher when it comes to be a rebel and having the ability to build organizations. His MMA Organization will be no different.


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