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Bisping responds to Sokoudjou comments

There’s a new Michael Bisping interview available at in which Bisping is asked to address comments attributed to Thierry Sokoudjou where Sokoudjou claimed he asked the UFC if he could fight Bisping and that they essentially told him that “he was on crack.”

MMA Madness: Well, ok Mike, now comes the hard question. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou was recently in discussions with UFC. Essentially, he said screw the money, he doesn’t really care what he gets paid — he just wants to fight the best. He didn’t want to call anybody out but he said he asked to fight you. Sokoudjou said UFC essentially told him he must “have been on crack” for asking. Now a lot of people in MMA — and they are going to do this — have accused UFC of protecting you with both of your fights coming against Eric Schafer and Sinosic. What are your thoughts?

Bisping: Well, put it this way. I’ve been training with a guy who took Sokoudjou the distance and I whoop that guy’s [butt]. No offense to [my training partner] — I like him. He’s a good guy, he’s my friend. I would beat him in a fight and he took Sokoudjou the distance. So if Sokoudjou wants to call me out, you know what I mean? If the UFC doesn’t want to sign him, have him come up to my house. I’ll kick his f-ing [butt]. Simple as that. Come and see me, I’ll give him my phone number! Ha! I’ll f-ing bounce his head all over the place, f-ing a-hole.

But, to answer the question, what do I think? Eric Schafer was 9-1 with all submissions in the first round. In his previous fight in the UFC he choked a guy unconscious in under a minute. You know, so how can you say I’m being protected when that was the first fight on my contract? You know, a guy who is 9-1 and it was my debut in the UFC and I took him out. People are going to say what they’re going to say, you know? Elvis Sinosic — not the best record, but a veteran in the sport. He’s been in there with many world champions. This one, with Matt Hamill, people want to see it because of the show. They have their reasons, you know? People are always going to have an excuse to criticize — you will always have your critics. After a fight they will always say this or that, but I just try to ignore the comments and leave the keyboard warriors to the keyboards, you know?

To read the whole interview, just click here.

  • Fin Diesel says:

    See Sam,

    You should have asked him this question yourself (it was first on the list), and you could have gotten this great answer, rather than having to link to another site who asked it….

  • steve24 says:

    Pretty strong words coming out of Bisping’s mouth. Soko gave you respect by saying he wants to only fight the best and mentioned your name. Hopefully we can see this fight one day.

  • Zack says:

    I like Michael as a personality and as a fighter, but he’s clearly being protected for the time being (something I have no problem with). Soko would rip Bisping’s jaw off and feed it to a crocodile.

  • R says:

    Why do people still use MMA math as an argument? Just because Bisping apparently beats up a guy who took Sokoudjou the distance does not necessairly mean that he would easily kick his ass. I’d love to see this fight though because, at the end of it all, two guys with a lot of confidence and big mouths will get smacked with a dose of reality.

  • Bisping clearly did not understand the question or he would not have been insulting Sokoudjou, who was actually complimenting Bisping by saying that he wants to fight the best and he wants to fight Bisping. The fact that the UFC would protect certain fighters by doing things like matching them up against fighters with losing records, or refusing to put them in against a ranked fighter like Sokoudjou, is not at all surprising.

  • Zurich says:

    Soko vs. Bisping… bad night for Bisping.

  • TheTruth says:

    You guys are hilarious. Soko has a glass jaw, Teixera annihalated him. If Bisping hit him once the fight would be over. Arona can’t strike at all, and Nog didn’t even land one shot. Soko is nothing but overrated hype, watch his fight vs Glover Teixera, he got destroyed. He gets hit on the jaw and it’s a wrap. Bisping would destroy him, and I’m a PRIDE fan.

  • maxone says:

    i’d love to see this


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