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Dana White calls Fedor’s people “crazy”; calls Josh Barnett a “a punk”; calls the PRIDE deal the worst in history; and much more in new interview!

My new interview with Dana White has been posted to

It’s now available by clicking here.

Dana was very gracious with his time and I was able to ask him about a lot of stuff. He didn’t hold back with his answers.

Here’s an example of his candidness when I asked him about the PRIDE deal:

Q: When Pride was acquired, what was Zuffa’s understanding of how contracts were structured in Pride and whether they could be transferred? It seemed like some fighters were willing to sign their contract over while some fighters weren’t.

DW: It was one of a million nightmares. One of a million nightmares. The worst business deal ever done in the history of business. Crazy. It was totally bankrupt. They were out of money (and) had nothing. We wanted the company so we went in and bought it. It didn’t matter how f—– it was, how crazy the deal was — we got what we wanted.

Dana also confirmed to me that Georges St. Pierre will face the winner of the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes welterweight title match:

Q: Will GSP’s next match be for the welterweight title, and might the match take place in Canada?

DW: Yes and yes. He’ll fight the winner of Hughes/Serra. And yeah, we’re trying to do a fight up in Canada, so that one would make a lot of sense.

The interview is five pages long so there’s plenty of good stuff in it. Again, you can check it out by clicking here.

  • Calling Fedor’s team “crazy” for the second time is a great move that is sure to help in negotiations.

  • steve says:

    I’m not sure why these negotiations keep going on. I think it’s reasonable for Dana to be very concerned about his $2/mill fighter fighting in other organizations risking the chance of injury or a loss. If Fedor’s team can’t understand that, they just need to sign somewhere else. The HW division will be just fine without him.

  • Zurich says:

    Wow, I guess we’ll never see Barnett in the UFC (which is a HUGE shame). I agree with Josh – I think he could make a lot of money for Dana. Can I trade Tito for Josh?!

  • MJC_123 says:

    Great interview Sam…
    Looks like Silva vs Lidell is but just Keith Jardine away….Dammn if it was Pride you know Jardine would be paid to take a fall to set the clash up…

    Are you listening to Jardine….”STAND THEIR AND GET TOOLED, FOR MMA’S SAKE”

  • Fujin says:

    Everytime this goon gets another interview, he just proves how unprofessional he is.

  • Jayofteror says:

    Fedor is not some prospect trying to break into the MMA business. Fedor is an icon of MMA. Many of the best fighters in the world regard Fedor as the best to ever step into the ring. He is a phenomenal athlete who has already beaten many of the current UFC top heavyweights including Nog and Crocop. Dana, seems to need a few lessons in the world of business. Well let give you the basics since I am a business major. Dana White, “you get what you pay for.”

    Insulting the management team of Fedor is not going to get the job done. If your fragile ego is getting in the way of negotiating with elite fighters, please hand over the responsibilities to a more qualified person. The UFC is a great organization, but it is by no stretch of the imagination the back bone of MMA. Learn some humility.

    In regards to Fedor, he does NOT need the UFC. He can continue his reign of terror at other MMA organizations. Heck, there are even rumors of a new MMA organization being started by someone who is much more experienced and better financed than the UFC. If this comes to fruition; it will only spell trouble for the UFC. If I was the UFC, I would do a Bill Gates and buy out all the most talented fighters in the world before they go over to other organizations and cast doubt on the UFC.


  • Jeremy says:

    Great interview Sam. You definitely asked some of the questions I’ve wanted answers to. I was interested in his thoughts on the IFL and EliteXC. Seems like he was right on about the IFL if he actually said things he states he did. I was a little surprised about his thoughts on the EliteXC, I thought he would trash them as well.

    I am glad he likes Denis Kang but I do have to agree he isn’t an MMA superstar but he certainly would help their middleweight division a ton and they could make him into a star rather easily I would think in the Canandian and Asian markets along with in the US.

  • garth says:

    Jeremy: he did trash EliteXC, a little, with the “whatever the hell they’re called” comment. that was kind of funny.
    The middleweights right now have two options, it seems….Anderson Silva wins and they have to hire someone to fight him, or Franklin wins and they set up Silva/Franklin 3. After that? Kendall Grove? Patrick Cote? uh, yeah. Kang would be a welcome, welcome addition. Is Belcher in the picture at 185 anywhere?
    Great interview Sam. Do you do the transcript verbatim or do you cull out the best bits? I thought it was funny that he freaked out on you watching IFL (I watch IFL too)…do you feel like Dana’s got tunnel vision in re MMA or is it just an act?

  • jaydog says:

    Love or hate Dana White, he’s the man of the hour (or era?) in MMA. Loads of entertainment and MMA developments result from his every move. Personally, I think he’s a ridiculous personality and I look forward to the day when MMA outgrows him. For the meantime, I’m wondering how much longer journalists are going to keep lapping up his brash ego-centric performances (no offense, Sam. I know you had to go to the source and you want to be able to go again). It’s just that he’s so transparent. He’s like any shopper who is trying to haggle a bargain. You make them think you’re gonna walk away and that you don’t need their product that bad, that you even doubt it’s authenticity. Then, when you’ve extracted as many concessions as possible, you fork out the money and take home your prize.

    Same stuff with Dana. He insults them, acts disinterested, calls them cowards, assails their sanity, name-drops, and always… always… puts on the “do you know who you’re dealing with” act. It’s so tired at this point. This soap opera of man-drama substitutes for the MMA fights that a professional organization would be delivering week in and week out while we wait 5-9 months between title fights (Serra/Hughes).

    If the reign of Dana is actually going to be good for MMA, tell him to shut the heck up and make fights happen.

  • Jeremy says:

    Garth, yeah I saw that I just thought it was more of a joke then anything because people do wonder what they are called often. I mean they do have multiple names like ProElite, EliteXC and then Showtime involved as well and then all their multiple shows they promote with other companies. I have definitely heard people be confused before.

  • The constant foot-in-mouth quotes about the Pride buy-out are starting to sound like a blooper reel at this point.

  • Awesome Interview Sam. Keep at it. You asked alot of good questions with good follow-ups.

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  • GB says:


    Do you have any clue as to where the NJ UFC event will be held? I’ve heard rumors about the Prudential Center but there’s a Bon Jovi concert scheduled for Nov. 3.

  • oj says:

    Sam, good interview.

    Thanks for bringing up Denis Kang. I’m a big fan of Kang and his fighting style. its a shame that Dana doesn’t think he’s a “superstar”. So what? he’s a great middleweight and that’s their thinnest division. the UFC and Dana White should be all over a talented MW fighter like Kang. they can MAKE him a superstar if they wanted to.


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