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Rumor Killer: Fedor not close to signing with the UFC (updated)

I didn’t hear the show but I’ve read in several places that Tagg Radio reported today that the show heard from a reliable source in Fedor Emelianenko’s camp that he’s been offered a four fight deal worth $2 million per bout that would also allow him to fight in Russia. The reports I am reading suggests that Fedor is close to accepting.

If that story is in fact being reported I can tell you that a reliable source I spoke to from the UFC left me with a completely different impression of Thursday’s meeting. I did not ask the source specifically about Tagg Radio’s report and simply asked about how the meeting on Thursday went. The answer was not good and no indication was given that a deal was even close to being agreed to.

Update: As you can now see by clicking here, my source for the report was Dana White.

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  • EolGul says:

    Trigg is not the only source that the deal is almost done. M-1, a Russian league owned by Fedor’s manager, reported:
    “Negotiations come nearer to a final stage
    Vadim Finkelstein now is in Los Angeles where negotiations with the president of American organization UFC at present proceed. The parties go on a meeting each other. Probably fast end of negotiations. All details become known hardly later.”
    Sorry for the rough translation.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    But I’ll still take my chances with my source.

  • EolGul says:

    I can’t blame you. You’re definitely a lot closer to UFC than I am. And the fact that your source seems legit is disappointing news for Fedor fans like myself. I really want to see him in the UFC

    But I still have hope. Dana White is notorious for lying about big deals. He denied the Cro Cop signing and the Pride purchase, but both turned out to be true.

  • Joe Reilly says:

    Like the comment above. There are two reports arguing that the deal is close. One thing I would like to make reference to. Josh Gross made a comment on the latest edition of Beatdown Radio that seemed to suggest a mixed feeling within Zuffa about these negotiations.

    For example, certain people (not named) had negative opinions on the fact that Zuffa were willing to keep negotiating with Fedor’s management who were clearly being too difficult with too many stipulations. However, despite this Zuffa have still been determined thus far to negotiate a deal.

    Is it possible that this source who says a deal is not close is simply a disgruntled Zuffa empolyee or someone who is not at the negotiation table and just airing their interpretation on progress so far?

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  • Fan says:

    Hi,can you contact TAGG Radio in any way?Their show starts in ~8 hours.

  • Chris Shultz says:

    I’d have to agree with you and your source. Fedor is huge to the small world of hardcore fans and I do not believe Zuffa seeing his worth to be $2,000,000 per fight. While that price is what fighter at that level should be making. Zuffa’a past payments of guaranteed paycheck is nowhere near that level. They do give an unreported amount of ppv percentages to their top draws. I don’t see Fedor being a top draw for quite a while in the US. I also do not see UFC working with M-1 On a joint event, I could see the sambo tournament participating being allowed, (they allow other fighter to do grappling tournaments.)

    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more that I would love to see than Fedor in the cage, I just don’t see it working out with the management team he has. I hope I am wrong and Fedor gets all the cash he can and gets to set up dream match upon dream match.

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  • Shawn says:

    Since when is Dana White a reliable source?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    You’re kidding, right?

    He’s reliable since running the biggest fight promotion in the world and being the one sitting across the table from Fedor’s management.

    When has Dana ever hid positive company news pertaining to high-profile free agents?

  • Fujin says:

    Wasn’t Fedor’s management meeting with various other promoters besides the UFC? Couldn’t it be he’s close to signing a deal like this with K-1 or Bodog?

  • The $2 million per fight figure is not even close to being accurate. It’s just a number being floated by Zuffa in an attempt to make Fedor look worse for not signing with Zuffa under the terms that Zuffa wants. In reality, money has not been the source of conflict in the Fedor negotiations for a very long time. The #1 stumbling block by far is the fact that it is extremely important for Fedor to be able to compete in Sambo events in Russia, whereas the UFC wants 100% complete exclusivity (meaning no Sambo events in Russia).

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Just to clarify, I’m not one of the sources Ivan is referring to that has reported the $2 million figure. It’s a figure I’ve read about in other places but have never heard about from the UFC or Fedor’s camp (although I’ve never had a chance to talk to his camp).

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  • When is the UFC going to have a Battle Royal?


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