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Renato “Babalu” Sobral cut from UFC contract

UFC president Dana White announced today during a conference call to promote UFC 75 on September 8 that Renato “Babalu” Sobral has been released from his contract due to applying a choke too long during this past Saturday’s match against David Heath at UFC 74.

White was asked by a different reporter whether there was a chance Sobral would ever fight for the UFC again. White didn’t shut the door on a return when he responded to the question by saying he didn’t want to say never.

More details to come.

  • Brent says:

    “Sources say Sobral is apparently in route to Philadelphia in search of MMA columnist Sam Caplan…”

  • Jeremy says:

    the ufcjunkie article up on the conference call states dana as saying Babalu was going to be cut anyways, even if the incident had not taken place. I don’t really get that.

  • JEREMY: I think Dana meant despite what Dana’s attitude seemed in interviews post the fight that he was in his mind always planning to cut him even if the commision didnt do anything.

    Im depressed now. I really liked watching Babalu.

  • garth says:

    Wasn’t this the last fight on his current contract anyways?

    Good riddance from a former fan.

  • Wasn’t his contract up anyway? If so, that’s not really “cutting him from his contract.”

  • GB says:

    Although I believe a fine and a suspension were in order, I think this is more a PR move than anything else. Furthermore, I believe the punishment is disproportionate. This could have been used to set a precedent but firing a world-class fighter like Babalu for a reckless move that nonetheless did not cause any damage is excessive. His irresponsibility and unsportsmanlike conduct deserved a different sanction. How is his behavior any worse than cheaters who use steroids and not only violate the law, endanger their own health and risk hurting a competitor under the steroid’s effects? Why aren’t they fired too? Furthermore, how is Babalu’s chokehold worse than Rashad Evans beating up on a KO’d Sean Salmon or any of those fighters who in the heat of the moment keep punching an already unconscious opponent? That is just as dangerous and much more frequent than what Babalu did.

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  • Accomando says:

    GB makes some great points, and I swear everyone blew this way out of proportion due to the blood gushing everywhere.

    I heard all the reaction and anger from everyone after what Sobral did and then I saw it and I must say I expected much worse.

    His action was NO different from what Penn did to Pulver or what Diaz did to Gomi.

    Sobral is an idiot for admitting that he did it on purpose but other than that, it wasn’t nothing I hadn’t seen before numerous times THIS YEAR in MMA.

  • Accomando says:

    Although, one could say, this action by sobral and reaction by the UFC might get fighters to think twice before they hold that choke in after the tap.

    Sobral is the sacrificial lamb, can’t say it really upsets me, I didn’t like when Penn or Diaz did it either, the UFC had to put an end to it, and Sobral was the fall guy.

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  • kadeth says:

    well cutting a legend as sorts on his way up to the top he was impressive in that fight and its harsh to not give him an opportunity to get to title contention once again

  • kadeth says:

    look at yamamoto and the shit he does


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