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Stop stealing content from this site! (updated)

I’m now seeing several sites that are stealing content from These sites are copying and pasting entire entries on this blog and passing it off as their own with no author listed and no reference to

If you’re one of these sites that are committing copyright infringement, it needs to stop and it needs to stop now. You might think you’re slick because you have disabled comments on your page and have no contact info available but I can find out how to get a hold of you. If it comes to that, chances are I will have my attorney contact you on my behalf and you can explain your actions to him.

If you want to use an excerpt of something that appears here and or post a link back, I’m more than okay with that. But I have no idea why people think they can steal content from this site and others and get away with it? I work too hard on this blog to stand by and watch other people steal my stuff and make money off of it when I currently don’t see a dime from this blog.

Update: I realize it isn’t easy trying to work a job or go to school, spend time with your family, and also maintain a blog. But if you’re so cramped for time that you have to steal content, then maybe you should re-examine the idea of you doing a blog? I’m always open to working with other writers, bloggers, and just about anyone. You can always e-mail me at [email protected] if you are new (or old) to blogging and are looking for feedback or ideas. I can’t guarantee I can always help, but I will always listen and do what I can. This offer also applies to people who aren’t lifting content. I’m always open to the idea of working with others in the industry.

  • Dr J says:

    Thanks for bringing light to this Sam. This kind of nonsense has been going on for quite a while and now, hopefully, with someone with your “name status” we can put a stop to this plagarism and theft.

  • […] now seeing several sites that are stealing content from These sites are copying and pasting entire entries on this blog and passing it off as their own […]

  • cyphron says:

    I suggest the supporters of blogs like these to not go to sites that plaigiarizes people’s contents. Sites like Fiveouncesofpain, UFCJunkie, and Fightopinion create original content and help usher MMA into the mainstream. I think they’re much better than the standard sport news organizations for insider-news. If they leave, then all we’re left with are plaigiarizers and leechers… and then we’d have to go to for our propaganda, uh, news.

  • I’d like to know who’s doing this … I’ve had some stuff lifted because there are auto-rip blogs that just re-post every blog post out there with certain words, like ‘Ohio University’ etc.

  • jazzn says:

    Hey, I guess they must like what you are writing!

  • steve24 says:

    Sam, are you going to give a heads-up to what sites people should boycott since they are taking your material?

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I keep finding sites like this one:

    …where a forum is putting a page of my site in an iframe. Yes they have a couple referral ads, but the ads I have on my page are still showing, so I don’t know if I should be pissed or not.

  • I hear you, sometimes when I go around the internet and read MMA stuff it seems like Invasion of the Post Snatchers. Everybody is posting the same crap.

    I try to post all original stuff as well on my blog because I dont see alot of reason to just go around and re-post what everyone else does.

    I don’t mind it when people re-post my stuff either as long as them put my name next to it.

  • Go after them Sam, its the only way to make them stop.

  • Greg says:

    Go get um Sam….

  • Brent says:

    Sam stole this content from my mind with his powers – I’m constructing a skull-mounted Faraday Cage to prevent further incursions.

  • jt says:

    You should keep writing BS like Angle vs Lesnar on TUF, then people wouldn’t steal your material. Also, since you’re teaming up with UFC junkie, why not just try and consolidate all these fan boy MMA sites (yours, junkie, ufcmania, bloodyelbow, etc) into one and have a panel of contributors with different angles on different stories. Consolidate your readership, consolidate your advertising income, bring in more sponsors, leverage your power and following on the net to gain a broader audience and achieve a little more legitimacy in the public eye. Maybe make a little more dough off it.

  • Trust me Sam if it’s not these ones others will take their place. The problem really is feeds because it makes it so easy for sites to post your content all over without them manually doing anything. I’m going to email you with some semi-solutions to help you at least limit the damage they can do.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    I don’t want to give anyone a heads up about these sites publicly because I don’t want them to get any free advertising.

  • MataLeao says:

    I assume that properly cited and credited, you don’t mind other bloggers posting some of the news you break?

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Of course not.

  • bubbafat says:

    You got my support Sam. So many out there lack imaginations and original thought. Not to mention, just don’t wanna put in the effort.

  • MataLeao says:

    Good. The site I post on takes news from other sources, but of course we always site. It takes a pretty lame person to steal material and claim it as their own.

  • TheMonkey says:

    If your thieves are using your RSS feed to steal your content, one thing that I’ve heard of people do is to insert sponsorships within the feed, that way you’d actually be using your hijackers to increase your revenue.

    Or maybe you can do like 10 posts of tubgirl.jpg… that’ll learn em.


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