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Kang vs. Sakuraba appears to be off; Rickson Gracie likely to fight on New Year’s Eve

I came across a couple of interesting links on (a site I recommend everyone check out if you don’t already) today.

First, there are strong signals that Rickson Gracie intends to fight MMA again on New Year’s Eve. Gracie doesn’t specify for who or for where, but K-1 is the only major MMA promotion left in Japan and I don’t see Gracie fighting in the States.

Also, it appears a life has been spared. is reporting that Kazushi Sakuraba’s next fight will be on Sept. 17 for K-1 Hero’s in Yokohama, Japan against former pro wrestler Katsuyori Shibata. There had been rumors that a bout between Sakuraba and Denis Kang was going to take place but Kang apparently is not formally signed to K-1 (the UFC has no idea how bad its middleweight division needs Denis Kang). Kang would have wrecked him.

I also noticed in the report that former Pride and Cage Rage fighter Zelg Galesic will be fighting Dong Sik Yoon on 9/17. Galesic is a strong prospect who would have been perfect for the WEC’s 185 lbs. division.

  • EoinRed says:

    Good to see Zelg Galesic mentioned, guy is an incredible striker ( similiar to Cro Cop). I’ve seen him fight many times at Cage Rage

  • Jeremy says:

    You are totally correct on the UFC Middleweight division needing Kang. I mean if Anderson Silva beats Franklin again, what’s next? I have no idea and nothing seems overly appealing really. I guess Silva-Okami is a possibility if Okami beats Jason MacDonald.

    Isn’t Galesic a middleweight though? And thus perfect for the WEC Middleweight division not lightweight?

  • Rory says:

    Galesic is a middleweight. Not only that, he is booked on the Cage Rage 23 card vs. Alex Weir. Either he is planning to fight twice in a week or something is missing here.


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