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White “pretty much guarantees” Lesnar will fight for UFC

In an article by Gary Herman of that appears on, Herman has a quote from Dana White on Brock Lesnar that makes it sound very likely he’ll be under contract soon:

“I am pretty much going to guarantee you right here that UFC will get him,” said White. “Lesnar should have started with us, but we’ll be happy to have him.”

While I didn’t see Lesnar there, there are plenty of reports that he was indeed in the building and even congratulated Randy Couture after his title win.

If they land Lesnar, that’s huge because it’s one less money opponent for Fedor to fight should he choose to sign with a promotion other than the UFC.

You can read Herman’s article by clicking here.

  • Jeremy says:

    Yeah, there were a couple reports that Lesnar was in fact there, and that the reason we didn’t see him on the PPV is because he hasn’t signed a contract yet with the UFC. I know Beat Down After the Bell said he was at the post fight press conference I believe, and another report like you mentioned, that he congratulated Randy after the win.


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