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White could be ready to pull the plug on Pride

Pride has been on life support for several months and it appears UFC president Dana White could be close to pulling the plug if recent comments in a article are any indication:

“We can’t get a television deal (in Japan),” Gary Herman quotes White as saying. “My feeling is they don’t want us over there. I’m trying. We bought them out with every intention of keeping them alive.”

It sounds as though that the UFC wants to keep Pride alive, but that the logistical issues that Zach Arnold of pointed out months ago seem to be too much to overcome:

“It is proving to be very difficult,” said White. “We were supposed to run over in Japan. We kept the offices open over there. It just doesn’t look like it will happen.”

Herman’s article appears here.

  • bubbafat says:

    It’s a sad day. Dana White and the Ferttita’s knew that Pride’s business cred was gone. They knew that they would not be able to achieve a television deal that would be fiscally viable to both company’s under the Pride trademark. As much as I don’t like Dana White, he’s no idiot, so this leaves me left with the conclusion that this was their intention all along.
    In purchasing their only real competion they have managed to corner the market on marketable fighters, picking and choosing from the deep stables of their overseas competition. I wonder what kind of resentment the Japanese fans are going to have against Zuffa and the UFC. On the other hand this could be the kick in the ass K1 needed to get their Heroes div. going.

  • I think it has been plain as day since March that Pride is dead, despite the UFC’s denials. And you know what? If Zuffa wanted to buy and shut down their biggest competitor in an attempt to get dibs on the fighters’ contracts, that’s their prerogative. They just should have been less dishonest about it from the get-go.


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