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UFC 74 weigh-in results and last minute thoughts

I know I’m late with this but better late than never, right?

Before I get to the weigh-in results I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will do my best to post live preliminary results and notes during tonight’s show. Check back here. At the very least, I will be sending preliminary results to Matt Cava at UFCTakedown. com.

Prior to the weigh-ins Dana White did a Q&A session with UFC Fight Club members. According to Dann from, Dana confirmed that B.J. Penn will be fighting for the UFC lightweight title at UFC 78 this November.

White also confirmed that he’ll be meeting with Brock Lesnar today. Those talks should be interesting. I just hope Brock is willing to come down from his going rate of $500,000 established by K-1 in June. I could see the UFC offering him a lower guarantee but the potential to earn more through bonuses. If Lesnar is willing to sacrifice the front end from the back end then perhaps his chances of landing in the UFC could be better than a lot of people thought.

On to the weigh-ins…

* Marcus Aurelio (155 lbs.) vs. Clay Guida (155 lbs.) – Guida got a big reaction. He’d be a fool to cut his hair at this point. It’s a tremendous marketing tool. A win here by Guida might earn him the respect he deserves and could lead to bigger things.

* Ryan Jensen (185 lbs.) vs. Thales Leites (188 lbs.) – Leites was given two hours to get down to 186 lbs. and he was able to do it. Like Guida, a win here by Leites propels him towards bigger and better things. If you think about it, there’s a chance he could be fighting for the title a year from now, especially if Silva beats Fraklin in their rematch.

* Antoni Hardonk (244 lbs.) vs. Frank Mir (255 lbs.) – Mir looked to have more muscle tone than his last fight but I was still a little underwhelmed. I’ve also changed my pick to Hardonk. I just have a bad feeling about Mir all of a sudden.

* David Heath (205 lbs.) vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral (204 lbs.) – Babalu gave Heath the deathstare during the post weigh-in staredown. Heath didn’t back down and the two started jawing at each other. They were separated but were still shooting dirty looks and yelling as they left the stage area.

* Alberto Crane (155 lbs.) vs. Roger Huerta (155 lbs.) – Huerta got a big ovation but later got boos when he offered Crane a handshake but then yanked his hand away when Crane went to extend his hand. It was something you’d see by a second grader. I’m not sure what Roger was trying to accomplish with that. Also, I asked Diego Sanchez about Crane yesterday off the air and he had a lot of good things to say about him. He said if it goes to the ground he thinks Crane can win it.

* Patrick Cote (184.5 lbs) vs. Kendall Grove (184 lbs.) – Cote and Kendall had a mini-staredown. Not a big deal but I really don’t know what else to say about this matchup other than I expect it to end quick.

* Kurt Pellegrino (155 lbs.) vs. Joe Stevenson (155 lbs.) – You have to think that if Sean Sherk’s suspension is upheld in October and that if Stevenson wins this that he’ll be fighting B.J. Penn at UFC 78 for the lightweight title.

* Josh Koscheck (170 lbs.) vs. Georges St. Pierre (170 lbs.) РKoscheck got heavy boos and GSP was cheered like a superstar. Koscheck seems to really enjoy the role of bad guy and knows how to needle the crowd. Sanchez even picked Koscheck to win (although he was going back and forth). If Sanchez beats Jon Fitch and GSP wins this match I think the two may end up fighting each other next. The whole Greg Jackson thing will make for an interesting storyline.

* Gabriel Gonzaga (252 lbs.) vs. Randy Couture (228.5 lbs.) – Randy had a ton of definition in his upper body. Much more than in his last fight, in my opinion. Obviously, he received a huge ovation. Gonzaga didn’t get much of a reaction. Probably because fans don’t know whether to hate or like him.

I’m terrible when it comes to estimating crowds, but I would say close to 3,000 were in attendance. It’s insane to think that the UFC gets more for their weigh-ins then some major promotions draw for their actual shows. Even the fighters I talked to yesterday were surprised by the strong turnout.


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