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Randy Couture readies for war

The below pictures are from Randy Couture’s training session last night.

He looks like he’s in awesome shape, as usual.

Randy Couture readies for war

Couture readies for war


I think the last two images are very interesting. Obviously, Randy has been working his Jiu-Jitsu game but I’ve heard he’s brought in a lot of training partners in the mold of Gabriel Gonzaga. I believe Randy is going to try and put Gonzaga on his back and work some ground and pound.

My prediction on last week’s UFC 74 on Inside the Cage Radio was Couture via unanimous decision and I’m sticking to it.

  • “I believe Randy is going to try and put Gonzaga on his back and work some ground and pound.”

    – Really? And what on earth gave you that idea? Isn’t that what Randy does in EVERY single one of his fights?

    Sorry to be sarcastic but come on…

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Damn, what’s with the hostility?

    BTW, he doesn’t try to focus on ground and pound in EVERY single fight. He’s stood with Liddell before and did a lot of standing against Sylvia.

  • Sorry if it seemed aggressive Sam but saying Randy will look to work ground and pound is like saying Cro Cop will look to throw a left roundhouse.

  • oj says:

    i think randy trains differently for every opponent. coming up with a strategic games plan for each different opponent is what makes him one of the best in the sport. i think sam was just trying to say that randy will try to work his ground and pound despite the fact that gonzaga is such a dangerous bjj opponent.

    who are the guys in the pics training with randy? i can’t tell from the size of the photos.

  • cyphron says:


    You were wrong in your prediction of the Anderson Silva fight and you will be wrong again. Gonzaga is younger, stronger, bigger, and just plain better fighter than Couture at this point in both their careers. Really, do you really think that Gonzaga is a clone of Tim Silvia? This fight won’t last five rounds.

  • Zack says:

    I’m going with GG and a GNP stoppage in the 2nd round.

    Kos with a unanimous decision over GSP.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    Randy joined the Army again and is headed to Iraq? Oh, he’s just getting into a Cage. Your headline confused me. I thought he was going to have to deal with EIEDs, headless children, grieving mothers, death of family and friends, snipers, dysentery, cholera, malaria, and a lifetime supply of mental difficulty. Pay respect Sam. You get your freedom of the press from the blood of people like me. It aint war bro.

  • cyphron says:


    Come on, man. You know that “war” is MMA-speak for a tough drawn-out battle between two evenly matched fighters. Other than his questionable predictions, Sam is a great reporter. =)

    What’s up with the time-stamp on this blog? It’s about 3 hours off East Coast time.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Hywel: Couture is a true mixed martial artist and is a threat to win a variety of different ways. Haven’t you been watching his fights? You’re insane if you think my saying I believe Randy’s key to victory will be ground and pound (instead of standing, working submissions, etc.) is akin to someone saying Cro Cop will win with a head kick is an absolute joke.

    MoreThanUFC: You need to lighten up to. War is a general term that can be used in multiple ways. Read a dictionary If I said something like “Randy’s preparing for a war that will be as intense as the situation in Iraq” then you’d have a point. BTW, I know a lot of guys who have served in our armed forces and protected our freedoms and your the first guy to rub it in my face. I pay respect to our armed forces frequently. Both my grandfathers served, my best friend is in the Army reserves, and my cousin is the Navy. I don’t need you explaining to me the sacrifices that have been made.

    Cyphron: I’m wrong about a lot of predictions. Does that mean I should stop making them altogether? BTW, can you start posting your record publicly? And when DID I EVER CLAIM GABRIEL GONZAGA WAS A CLONE OF TIM SYLVIA? I’d love to hear that audio or read that quote.

  • cyphron says:


    If you make predictions, and we disagree, I’m gonna rib you about it. Your blog format gives us a voice and we’re sounding off. Don’t take it the wrong way if we attack you on your pick. No where did I tell you not to make predictions. But if you do, and we disagree, I’m gonna let you hear it. It’s good argumentative fun. Maybe you need to lighten up! =)

    I was alluding to the fact that you think Couture can GnP Gonzaga. Gonzaga isn’t Tim Sylvia, the slow giant who thinks he’s a striker. Gonzaga is strong where Couture is weak and that’s BJJ and being a big man. Couture can’t handle men like Gonzaga (with the exception of the big loaf Sylvia). I like Couture and he’s great for the sport, but I don’t think he can handle Gonzaga.

    If Couture wins, I will come on here eat my crow. =)

  • bubbafat says:

    I dunno guys. Sam is just making the safe call. I simply won’t bet against Couture any more. I say he wins because I’d rather be wrong on him than lose money on his opponent.

  • Sam: I agree you’re on the money about Randy being a true MMA’er, but everyone recognises he isn’t a banger and he isn’t a submission specialist – he is a wrestler with a relentless, brutal ground and pound game.

    I think it isn’t a question of whether Randy will WANT to implement a GnP game, but whether he CAN or not.

    Gonzaga is a good grappler, dangerous from top and bottom, and has the size and striking ability to keep Randy on the outside if necessary. If Randy can overcome these obstacles, thats when we’ll see the GnP come out.

  • cyphron says:

    I bow down before Couture…

    And I bow down before Sam Caplan…

    I will never doubt Randy Couture ever again!

    Sam, you are the man!


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