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Randon Rant: Lighten up on Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar’s recent comments in an interview that has been available at has caused a bit of a stir as of late. In case you haven’t seen some of his comments, here’s an excerpt that has gotten people particularly riled:

Asked if he has talked to UFC President Dana White about his interest in competing in the Octagon, Lesnar answered, “We’ve spoken. I cannot deny or confirm anything. I’m just telling you this, I’m going to be there Saturday night and I’m looking for a win. I don’t care who it is. If I had to fight somebody, I’d like to fight Randy [Couture]. I’ll fight [Gabriel] Gonzaga. We’ll see what happens.”

He added, “I hope Randy wins that fight. I hope Randy wins that fight and then I can fight him in December.”

“I’m going to be attending the UFC this weekend, and I’m going to go down and watch and see in person, because I’ve watched these guys fight on TV. I’m going to go down there and see for myself and watch these heavyweights that I know I can beat,” Lesnar told MMAWeekly.

Apparently people are a little upset that Lesnar called out Randy Couture and believes that he can beat him. So what’s the big deal!?

Have people forgotten that Lesnar used to be involved with pro wrestling and has mastered the art of self-promotion? Have people forgotten that he’s a free agent right now in search of a big money deal?

Lesnar clearly wants to get his name in play so that he can start a bidding war for his services. He wants to be seen and heard. Going to UFC 74 is a great move because all the media types like me will be watching his every move like a stalker and reporting on it.

Calling out Couture is an ever better move.

Brock can be a humble guy. Don’t believe me? Check out his comments in the last edition of FIGHT! where he does a brief interview. Calling out Couture is nothing personal, it’s just business.

What do you think grabs more headlines? If Lesnar says he wants to sign a six fight deal, go through a slow progression on his way towards a heavyweight title shot, and that he’d like to debut against Cheick Kongo? Or, if he calls out the champion and says he wants to fight him right away?

You can read more of Lesnar’s interview by clicking here.

  • pr0cs says:

    There is no question he’s good at self promotion but he seems to also believe that his pro-wrestling tenure seems to give him some sort of credentials/credibility which it does not.. even remotely.
    To be honest I think he’s overrated and I really don’t understand the love of Lesnar. He’s getting older, has a limited arsenal (as proven with his last MMA bout) and to me seems pretty hard to identify with.
    I don’t understand all these sources suggesting that the UFC needs to sign him. It would be a waste of money in my mind, put the money towards someone more interesting…Fedor, Kang, al.

  • Brent says:

    “…and to me seems pretty hard to identify with.”

    Not to mention the giant penis dagger on his chest.

  • Captain says:

    You say what’s the big deal about Lesnar shamelessly promoting himself. I say what’s the big deal about people being upset about. Either you condone his behavior or you don’t. You seem to condone it; I don’t.

    While it is easy to understand that Lesnar wants to promote himself any way he can and get the most money possible, understanding those motivations for his behavior does not mean that you must condone it. It’s like saying that once you understand why a child is throwing a tantrum, you should be okay with it. That’s not the way it works.

    I find it extremely disrespectful for this meathead with a giant knife tattooed on his chest to start calling out top tier fighters as if he has done anything to earn a shot at fighting such fighters. This is not pro-wrestling and, contrary to what he or Bill Goldberg* may believe, their pro-wrestling (or even amateur wrestling) experience does not give them the skills they need to jump right in and start fighting top fighters and I think it is disingenuous for them to act like it does.

    *I mention Goldberg cause he seems to suffer from the same meathead syndrome, as shown by his cocky attitude while commentating and doing interviews on EliteXC telecasts.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    I don’t get all the Lesnar hate, frankly. I think he’d be an interesting addition to the UFC, seeing as how (as far as I can remember) he’s probably the most athletic HW fighter that has to cut to 265. It’s not like he’s Giant Silva.

    He could pose problems for every HW out there, even Fedor, just from his sheer size, strength and speed. And while he might be new to BJJ/Judo style grappling, his wrestling skill could carry him quite far.

  • dice says:

    Usually I tend to agree with most of what you say sam but I am going to have to deviate from that on this topic. I don’t blame anyone for trying to promote themselves, I understand that Brock needs to generate as much interest as possible for himself so he can get a nice paycheck when the time comes to sign a contract. The only problem in this case is that he is not even being realistic. When I heard this interview I literally found myself shaking my head. He has one win over a “can” (his words, not mine) and thinks he can compete for the title in december. Its funny, if anyone listened to his interview on sherdog, you will remember josh gross asking him why does he feel like he deserves a big payday and brock was kind of stumped. Meaning, how can you justify the UFC giving you a sizable payday. Now I know what a lot of people are going to say, “He has name recognition” or “his potential is unlimited”. But I don’t think that is enough. I personally don’t think that the UFC will want to pay him what he wants. He made half a million for his first fight. Now the UFC likes to sign guys to 6 fight contracts, and I don’t see Brock wanting to take a pay cut. That would be a 3 million dollar investment (provided he isn’t asking more than $500,000 per fight, which I am sure he is). Now what happens if he lost his first fight, or one of his first 2. You would hear the same crap that was said after mirko got knocked out (and I not just talking about fans, I am talking about Dana White). Bottom line, he is not worth what he is asking for (if thats what he is asking for, of course I have no way of knowing, but Brocks salary history shows he demands a lot of cash, whether it be WWE, New japan pro wrestling or MMA). Great wrestling, a good image and lot of hype are not enough to carry you to top in this sport (now if it was 1997, he would be the cream of the crop, ala Mark Coleman). He needs to work his way up just like everyone else did (does).

    And to procs, you are 100% right about making sure you sign the guys that are legit first. The UFC needs to get Fedor asap, as it pretty much goes without saying that their Hwy division cannot be considered complete until he arrives.

  • Jake says:

    Sam, I agree with everything you said. Whether Brock has serious MMA skills or not, he has to suck weight to get down to 265! With the exception of Tim Sylvia, I think he’d be a major problem for any of the smaller HW’s simply because he’ll outweigh them by 20 pounds or more. Most of the UFC’s HW’s are around the 240 range or less i.e. Noguira, Cro Cop, Couture, Arlovski, Vera, Fedor (if he ever signs).

    We’re also talking about an extremely fast and athletic HW. I haven’t seen any HW that big move like he does. Not Barnett, not Hunt, not Ricco, not Timmy, NOBODY.

    Personally, I think he’ll be a cash cow for the UFC simply because he’s got name recognition & draw power (thanks to Vince McMahon) in the US and people are eager to see if he’s got what it takes to be a viable contender in MMA.

  • Johnny P. says:

    I don’t think you get it. It doesn’t lend credibility in a fighting sense. It means he knows the art of the work. I realize people who just follow the straight MMA sites don’t allows get the pro wrestling-MMA connection, but there’s a large one. Part of that connection is being able to talk yourself into a situation. Not surprisingly to us Pro wrestling/MMA hybrid dorks, Dave Meltzer is reporting today that Dana White and Brock Lesner are on the same page with his outlandish comments. See, he’s not being serious, like Sam says above. He measn to elicit a reaction from you, the paying customer, wanting him to get knocked out by Randy Couture or even Tim Sylvia. Then when you pay your money to watch, he gets a cut of the PPV percentage. That’s how it works. He’s just running an “angle”. He’s maximizing his box office potential.

  • Johnny P. says:

    Sorry to seem attacking, or piling on. I’m just not sure how to edit my last comment. While Kang, Fedor, or Soku are great fighters and hardcore MMA fan favorites, my neighbor doesn’t know who they are. But he or she probably knows Brock Lesner, or at least, enough casual fans do; more by percentage then any of the three listed above. In pro wrestling, many people believe Bryan Danielson is one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. But you’ve probably never heard of Danielson, even if you watch wrestling on TV every week. He’s the Fedor, Kang, or Soku equivalent. And unlike Fedor, he can do interviews in English, something that helps raise interests of Americans to lazy to care about anyone outside the U.S.

  • TFW-Marc says:

    *He’s getting older*

    He just recently turned 30.

    *has a limited arsenal (as proven with his last MMA bout)*

    What did you expect him to do? Hit Kim with a flying armbar? Brock’s a wrestler, he took him down, and pounded him out. Not saying his arsenal may prove to be limited when he fights a tougher guy, but that first fight didn’t prove anything.

    *and to me seems pretty hard to identify with.*


    *I don’t understand all these sources suggesting that the UFC needs to sign him. It would be a waste of money in my mind, put the money towards someone more interesting…Fedor, Kang, al.*

    You do realize that no one in the UFC’s mainstream fanbase has any clue who Fedor, Kang, Soku et al. are, right?

    The UFC wants to make money, and Brock could possibly make them more money then all those guys combined.


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