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Timeslot change for IFL Battleground (updated)

There’s a new article out that is reporting that starting in the fall IFL Battleground will no longer air on Mondays and instead will air just on Saturdays from 8-9 p.m. ET. That’s right, IFL Battleground is going to be scaled back to just one airing for one hour a week.

I have no idea if this is a setback for the IFL. With the regular season over they won’t be running as many cards during the fall months so maybe they won’t have as much original programming and that’s why the decision was made? Perhaps they’ll go back to two hours once the ’08 season starts up.

You can read the article by clicking here.

Update: There are a couple of angles to look at that haven’t really been presented thus far. First, Monday Night Football will be returning in a few short weeks. Considering the IFL and the NFL pool from similar demographics, going up against the NFL is a tough nut to crack. The IFL didn’t debut on MyNetworkTV until after the football season was over so this is uncharted territory for them. The second angle is that nine MyNetworkTV affiliates have purchased the rights to UFC Wired and some of the networks will be showing it at 7 p.m. ET each Saturday. So the IFL’s 8 p.m. showing each Saturday is going to have a nice lead-in. I wonder how happy Dana White is going to be knowing that he’s a lead-in for the IFL? Also, the World Grand Prixs will be held on Saturdays so that puts the IFL in a nice position to possibly go live with those shows.

Finally, a lot of people are labeling the time change a “demotion.” That might be the case but I don’t know if anyone can say that will all certainty. With not as many cards being held with the regular season having been concluded and the return of NFL football, this may simply be a strategic move with the possibility of returning to Monday nights for a two-hour show a possibility once the 2007 NFL season concludes.

Simply put, I don’t think this news is as bad as some are claiming. 

  • I don’t think it’s a blow considering that a lot of MMA promotions are changing their schedules, not that I care considering the show isn’t even available in my area.

  • Euthyphro says:

    It’s a definite setback. First, cutting one hour is big enough, but the move from Mondays to Saturdays is TERRIBLE. Fridays and Saturdays are the least-viewed days on TV, as opposed to Monday which is a prime viewership night, up there with Thursdays. They could theoretically move back to 2 hours later in the season, but it’s extremely unlikely if that wasn’t already stated by MyNetTV.

  • Jeremy says:

    I know it probably costs a ton for satellite time and such, but if they could go live (or even on a hour or two tape delay), I think that’d be a fantastic move for the IFL Grand Prix shows.

    It could be viewed as a set back, but I think it’s smart to cut back to an hour. They’d have to be running out of fights/ring card girl challenges/etc. to show, especially once the season ends and they’ll still have to produce a weekly show.


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