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UFC 74 Preview on Inside the Cage Radio

I will be in Vegas this weekend to cover UFC 74 so they’ll will be no Inside the Cage Radio this week. However, this week’s edition is still very topical considering it’s a preview for UFC 74. Luke Thomas of joined Matt Cava from and I for this show that I consider a must-listen. I’ve made it even easier for people to listen as now all you’ll have to do to hear it is click the “play” button on the image that appears below.

  • pr0cs says:

    Thanks for offering this alternative method, though it looks like your linking to UFCtakedown, or takedown itself is not functioning regarding streaming the audio.
    Great show BTW.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    It’s coming up fine for me. Is anyone else having trouble?

  • pr0cs says:

    I originally listened to the file at UFCtakedown without issue but right now I cannot listen to it there or here. I get a message “Error opening file”

  • jaydog says:

    I am having trouble stomaching Korn as the intro music (sorry Sam). Not sure how rap/metal got to be the identifier for American tough-guys. Is the ability to sing a sign of weakness? Seriously, the genre is the essence of phony.

    Nonetheless, I would like to recommend another band that saw thrash and rap as compatable: Anthrax. From their 1990 classic “Persistence of Time,” the song “In my world,” would be a perfect MMA soundtrack. Here’s the chorus (sung without psuedo-urban affectation):

    “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid, nothing touches me; I’m a walking razorblade!”

  • Justin says:

    great job guys.

    not only did the stream work for me, somehow this site and that stream made it through our company’s internet security filter (Websense) and that makes it all the better 😉


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