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Questions for Michael Bisping?

I’m going to be interviewing Michael Bisping for CBS Sportsline later today. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask, just leave your questions here.

  • Fin Diesel says:

    Sam –

    Ask him what he thinks about the general perception that the UFC is coddling him too much. Example is recent Fight Hype interview with Sokoudjou, who claims in early negotiations the UFC he asked to fight Bisping and they “basically asked me if I was on crack.”

    I understand them protecting him for marketing reasons, but he’s an experienced fighter now who can handle his own for the most part. Thanks.

  • Jeremy says:

    An obvious question would be how has training been up in Big Bear with Rampage, Kongo and Vera? Is this something he will continue to do in the future to get better training then he can get at the Wolfslair?

    Ever since your impressive performance on TUF, the hype surrounding you has been HUGE! And the crowd and pressure for your first fight in England was huge as well. Can you talk about what it’s been like for you with all the pressure, hype and promotion surrounding you? And how much you think it might have helped your future as a fighter, especially if you ever get a title shot? Because you have basically been through what it’s like to be a headlining fight already.

  • pr0cs says:

    and to include with #2, his move to the USA, is this something he plans on doing regularly? permanently?
    Are there not enough MMA facilities in the UK and Europe to keep himself sharp or was it just an invitation from Rampage’s camp that had him visiting and training?

    Where does he see himself in a years time? Ready for a title shot? how does he fit in with the new acquisitions (Shogun/Silva et al)?

  • TIGERTAO says:

    How soon does he see himself being put up for a title shot and who would he most like to face when he gets that shot, Shogun, Silva, Henderson, Rampage or Liddell?

  • Matt says:

    Ask him to comment on the speculation that he is considering a move to 185 and whether he feels he would have a strength advantage in doing so?

  • honestly says:

    Please ask him if he feels guilty or upsety about the fact that he is in the UFC to be a poster boy and not really a fighter. Ask him if he is upset at the fact that he is a marketing tool to advance promotions overseas. He was tailored to win TUF. ( 2 wins against HW’s turned WW that still can not even win at WW, Elvis, etc, etc)

    Please ask him when he thinks he might actually have to fight a real fighter?

  • santoro7 says:

    When the fight with Hammil first was offered you scoffed at it has a insult , you later went back on that and said that you now wanted the fight . Has your initcial reaction to this affected your preperation for it ? Is there a real bad blood there ?And after the fight , will there be respect ?


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