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The UFC officially announces Vera vs. Sylvia at UFC 77

The UFC has officially announced via its web site the scheduling of UFC 77 for Saturday, October 20 from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tickets will go on-sale to the general public on Sunday, August 26.

The site has announced two matches for the card: Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin for the UFC middleweight title and Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera in a clash of heavyweights.

You can see the official announcement of the card on the UFC’s web site by clicking here.

  • jazzn says:

    This is one of those fights that should settle something… Hope it’s a good one.

  • Matt says:

    This one has me interested to see if Sylvia is hungry and aggressive after being embarrassed. I think if Vera doesn’t have ring rust and Sylvia comes forward and attacks this could be a fun fight to watch.

  • Justin says:

    yeah, this is definitely a test for Vera. Can he live up to the hype?

    The UFC obviously wants/expects Vera to get the win but I am not so sure it will be a walk in the park for him.

    As long as he can avoid getting hit by Big Tim, he “should” be able to get the win. I am not so sure, however, that Brandon has been hit by someone with as much power as Tim.

    That said, if Tim loses, it’s pretty much “adios” to him for awhile.

  • bubbafat says:

    As much as I like the idea of Liddell/Silva, I find myself a little more interested to see what kind matchup Vera/Sylvia can provide. After seeing the way Vera dismantled the guy who broke Big Tim’s arm, I don’t doubt him as much as some people may going into this.

  • jazzn says:

    Agree with you there Matt; It would be nice to have the aggressive Tim Sylvia back again. Not the guy who just throws that pokey jab and waits for a chance to counter. Yawn.

  • Vera will take Sylvia apart. The big man has looked bad in his last few fights AND is coming off staph infection. Vera has the size to counter and maybe even take down Sylvia. Couture proved Tim can be frustrated and broken.

    Vera by TKO or unanimous. You read it here first.


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