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What’s next for Wanderlei Silva?

I have a new article now available at discussing my thoughts on what the UFC’s first move should be with Wanderlei Silva.

You can check it out by clicking here.

  • I tried to comment on Junkie but it was blocked I guess. Like I said there the fans have waited long enough for this match and I think December is when it has to happen provided Liddell defeated Jardine (which I personally think he will). The fight would be great to have behind the Matt vs. Matt title fight (which I think is still on the PPV card even though the most recent addition of Men’s Fitness which came 2 days ago says it will be on the TUF 6 finale).

  • Zack says:

    Sam, I’m with you….but where were you when I was saying this same thing when the crappy Jardine bout was announced??? (just kidding) The Jardine fight gives us NOTHING but “I told you so’s” if Chuck wins and confusion if Jardine wins. If it was meant as a tune-up to get Chuck his confidence back, I think they chose the wrong matchup, because, like you, I believe Jardine could knock Chuck out.

    For Silva, I can think of several good introduction fights, but none as compelling or as necessary as a fight with Chuck. If Chuck beats Wandy in his octagon return, there are still several story lines left to play out with Wandy that could serve as compelling draws, including a re-match with Tito, a re-match with Arona (assuming they sign him), a third fight with QJ, and maybe even a fight against Shogun (assuming he is completely split from Chute Box). If he lost a tune-up fight to Griffin (I think very very unlikely) or Tito, the match with Liddell is tarnished.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    I know you said you were kidding, but I still think it’s a valid question because I initially didn’t have a problem with Jardine vs. Liddell. However, when it was initially announced, Dana White gave the impression that a bout between Liddell and Silva was unlikely to happen after Silva “turned down the fight.”


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