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Random Rant: More thoughts on Koscheck vs. GSP

There are still people posting comments about my prediction that Josh Koscheck will upset Georges St. Pierre next Saturday at UFC 74 on the old site (we had set up a mirror site during the transition to a new site design and web host). Hopefully those people will eventually migrate here.

I wanted to address some of the comments that have been left on the old site. For those who feel I am making too much out of GSP’s body language and interaction with his corner during his fight with B.J. Penn last year between rounds one and two, perhaps I’m making too much of it. However, to those who are getting on my case claiming that I’m making too much out of the mental aspect of GSP’s game being a concern, what planet are you living on?

How can anyone make a serious argument that GSP’s mental approach isn’t an issue? Hey, if you think he will show the same toughness he’s shown in the past and that his effort against Matt Serra was an aberration, more power to you. You’re much more loyal of a GSP fan than I am and I can at least categorize your argument as being valid. But to say it’s not even a factor is completely ludicrous in light of the fact that he revealed during the UFC 74 conference call that he’s seeing a sports psychologist.

I’m not blasting GSP for seeing a sports psychologist. I think it’s a great move on his part and it shows that he takes MMA seriously and is willing to do whatever it takes. I have even more respect for him making the acknowledgment considering he exists in a sport that is about as macho as it comes. Telling fighters you go to a doctor to talk about feelings might be almost as risky as Tony Soprano letting it slip to his capos and soldiers that he sees a shrink. Most fighters are cool and won’t say anything publicly, but you know someone is going to be a dick at some point and take a pot shot at GSP. But I digress.

My point is this: most people don’t seek psychological counseling for shits and giggles. They usually don’t go unless they feel they have an issue of some sort that needs to be addressed. I have no idea if GSP started seeing a sports psychologist before or after the loss to Serra, but how can anyone say I’m making too much of the mental aspect of his game when apparently he feels it’s an issue as well?

I also asked Dana White during the UFC 74 conference call to clarify his previous statements about concerns over GSP’s mental approach. White didn’t recant and pretty much repeated what he had said previously. I asked GSP to respond to White’s comments and GSP really didn’t dispute anything Dana had said and stated that we wouldn’t be seeing the old Georges St. Pierre, but rather a brand new one.

For my original rant about why I think Koscheck will beat GSP, just click here. I also recommend you check out Luke Thomas’ response to my argument by clicking here.

  • MoreThanUFC says:

    As one of the original bloggers\posters to even bring up the issue of GSP’s mental toughtness and heart ( way long ago over on UFCMania ), you’d think I’d be on your side, but I’m not anymore. Ever since GSP v Penn, I’ve wanted to hear two words out of his camp, “sports psychologist”. Having finally heard them, I think his game will now be complete. We will have to see if the head med works, but I believe all GSP needed was a small shove in the right direction for him to take his place beside Fedor, Mach, Kang, Wandy, and Shogun as one of the most well rounded fighters on the planet.
    But I will assist in defending you against the idiots that dont understand the mental aspects of MMA or combat in general. As an ex-soldier and current training amatuer fighter, combat is 90% mental and 10% physical. No doubt about it.

  • Matt says:

    I was one of the dissenters on the body language part of your previous rant but I agree with you about GSP’s mental toughness. Nobody knows how he will react after being humiliated by Serra. I think it’s 50/50 whether he bounces back or collapses completely. Hopefully it is the former as he has been an exciting fighter to watch for most of his career.


  • HexRei says:

    Wow, a sports psychologist? I realize he lost the Serra title defense badly but why has Dana singled him out as mentally weak? I have never heard of another fighter being treated or taking a loss this harshly from the president of his org.

  • Anton K says:

    Dana White certainly made it impossible for GSP to not see a psychologist… Dana should not have commented to the media about his opinions concerning GSP’s mental health. He basically told the world that GSP is a basket case before the fight. How is that supposed to help GSP?

    Ridiculous commentary and perhaps, calculated. Let’s see how this effects the betting line.

  • smelly hands says:

    okay, the luke thomas analysis is what i’m talking about! a little more in depth and based on reality (sorry sam, but the whole thing about georges wanting to quit was uncalled for in my opinion(you now have keyboard warriors over at sherdog claiming this is a fact when it is not), partly because it’s not credible whatsoever, and partly because in the final analysis it’s moot; georges didn’t quit, he went out and won the fight).

    i think it’s safe to say that georges MAY come in mentally timid, but give him a couple of minutes to settle in and i think you’ll see him put a clinic on koscheck. he’s just way too well rounded, athletic and strong. how georges carries himself through the arena and into the cage is usually a good indicator of his confidence. when he’s on you can tell. i have a pretty good bullshit detector, and i’m, like many others, watching georges like a hawk right now, looking for some inkling to whether the old georges will show up on saturday. checking for chinks in the armor and such…from what i’ve read and seen thus far i have no reason to doubt that he’s as pumped as he says he is. he truly seems to be pining for this challenge, and considering what he’s done in this sport in just a couple of short years, it would be foolish to write him off this early.

  • Zack says:

    How about this take – I think KOS is going to win because he matches well with GSP. Kos WILL be able to take him down and keep him down and that will frustrate the hell out of GSP.

    Kos by unanimous (somewhat boring) decision.


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