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Radio Update

There’s a bunch of news pertaining to the radio projects that I’m attached to so I decided to merge all of the info into one post:

  • Phone calls to be taken on Inside the Cage – Some of you asked for it and starting a week from this Saturday, you’ll get it! Matt Cava and I have set it up so that you’ll be able to call into “Inside the Cage Radio” starting with our 8/25 show. Because of the configuration of the production studio, we won’t be able to screen the calls. When you call in, your call will be picked up live on the air ala Larry King (“Caller, you’re on the air!”). I will have more information next week.
  • Luke Thomas of to be guest contributor on Inside the Cage this week – This week’s edition of “Inside the Cage Radio” will be available Sunday morning as opposed to Saturday evening. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait because Luke Thomas from will be joining Matt Cava and I for our special UFC 74 preview show. Be sure to check out Luke’s recent article as to why he believes my prediction that Josh Koscheck will beat Georges St. Pierre will be proven incorrect by clicking here.
  • Fantasy Football Radio is back on ESPN 920 – For those of you in the Philly area, “Fantasy Football Radio” hosted by me and John Floyd will return to the airwaves this Saturday on ESPN 920 at its new time, 9 a.m. ET. If you have any questions about your upcoming draft, feel free to call the show at 866-459-ESPN. We’ll be previewing wide receivers this week going over our top tens, sleepers, and busts. Please help spread the word that Fantasy Football Radio is back!The station hasn’t set up the template so that the show can be streamed online as of yet but when the stream is available, I’ll let everyone know so that people not in the Philly area can listen if they’re interested in. For those of you who can’t listen, I can post my notes up here after the show. The fantasy site I co-owned,, was sold several months back so as of now, I won’t be writing fantasy football for anyone. If there’s any interest in having some fantasy football content posted here, let me know. And of course, John and I will continue to host “The Saturday Morning Sports Hangover” right after the fantasy football show.
  • Check out the Inside the Cage Radio affiliates – I wanted to remind everyone to check out the first affiliates for Inside the Cage: and If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for the show, e-mail me at [email protected]

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