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The UFC announces the return of Brandon Vera

The UFC officially announced on Wednesday that heavyweight contender Brandon Vera will be returning to the Octagon as early as October. No opponent has been named.

Vera had been in a state of limbo following a dispute with manager Mark Dion. It is believed that Dion possibly withheld contract proposals that had been made by the UFC with the possible motive of steering him to another promotion.

Vera took his grievance to the California State Athletic Commission with the intent of legally severing all ties to Dion. His hearing was believed to have taken place in late-July. No official decision has been announced but Vera is now represented by NCFC so it is assumed that his contract with Dion is no longer valid.

At the time when word of the dispute first leaked out, Vera had been in line for a title shot against then-heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia but it’s been reported that a match was never officially made because Vera had just one fight left on his contract. It’s believed the UFC has a policy of not granting title shots to fighters who have only one fight remaining on their contract with the promotion.

The UFC’s announcement gave no indication whether Vera’s potential October fight would fall under his existing contract or if a new multi-fight agreement had been reached.

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    Finally, get him back in there asap. Better competition in the HW for him now too.

    Vera vs. Arlovski…?

    Who else might he fight?

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    I heard a pretty solid rumor that his opponent in 77 will be Tim Sylvia, who is an even more sensible match for him now that he holds no title. He will hold the gate for Vera, I would expect Vera to dominate Sylvia and perhaps have one more fight before a title shot, although Dana might just give him the winner of Randy-Napao.

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    I’m a huge Vera fan. I hope he ends up at 205, because he’s a small HW. In his last 2 fights he looked like he could muscle up and dry out and still end up a top 205er. In the meantime, I’d like to see him warm up with a few fights against someone like Heath Herring, then maybe Jake O’Brien, and finally Arlovski as his title shot gatekeeper.

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    sylvia’s out of action because of that staph infection isn’t he hex? will it be cleared up by then…can he take a fight if he can’t train while recovering, etc? I don’t know a lot about staph infections except that, thanks to forrest griffin, they look freaking gross. mcfedries said his was so bad in his legs that they had to take skin off? erk

    when accomando said arlovski i nearly jumped outta my skin. that would be a WAR…AA can’t sit back and out-strike vera like he did in his last fight, and vera cant just run over a guy as tough and strong as AA, so we’d have chaos. beeeyooteefull
    i’m crossing my fingers for that fight at some point. they’d be more likely to give vera a non-striker in his first one back anyways

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    Herring is taking dome time off, so cross him off the list.It would have been fun seeing Vera pick him apart though. Everyone should be pulling for a Vera/Arlovski bout. Both fighters will have a lot to prove. Vera literally fighting for a new contract and AA fighting for his reputation.

    I freaking love that guy. Changing the subject a little. Why haven’t we heard a peep out of AA or Karo? Get these guys in the cage already.


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