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Report: Brock Lesnar and TNA are talking

Normally I try to avoid covering pro wrestling on this blog, but when it comes to Brock Lesnar, I’m willing to make an exception.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Lesnar could resume wrestling on an active basis.

Kurt Angle is trying to broker a deal for Brock Lesnar to come to TNA. Dixie Carter and Lesnar have already begun talks.

In the months after his successful pro MMA debut at the K-1 USA Dynamite!! show in June, Lesnar has wrestled for Antonio Inoki’s promotion in Japan (the same promotion Josh Barnett has wrestled for), losing some sort of variation of the IWGP title to Angle.

I’m not sure what to make of the report that Lesnar is talking to TNA because it’s kind of surprising considering how much he’s denounced wrestling in the past. There’s also the fact that if K-1 was willing to pay him the same rate that he made fighting for them in June that if would be really hard for TNA to match that.

Hearing the news is kind of disappointing as I’m really excited about Lesnar’s prospects in MMA. My hope is that if he were to sign with TNA that he’d appear for them 4-6 days a month but still make MMA is primary focus.

It would be a dream come true though if Angle was trying to broker the deal to fight Lesnar in an MMA match that would be promoted by TNA. That’s the kind of aggressive business moves they need to make to grow their product, not doing business with a low-life such as Adam “Pacman” Jones.

  • says:

    Wouldn’t have a real fight in TNA make it hard to continue to book fake fights? I’m not sure that would fly. Remember Butterbean vs. Billy Gunn or whoever? That was a baaad idea.

    Josh Barnett mentioned in an audio interview that he was trying to get either Lesnar or Angle to face him in the next IGF show; I can’t remember which guy it was though.

  • says:

    “It would be a dream come true though if Angle was trying to broker the deal to fight Lesnar in an MMA match that would be promoted by TNA.”

    I would have a huge amount of skepticism about a match such as that and, frankly, don’t think I could ever be convinced that it was not a work.

  • says:

    I wonder what kind of event that would be, Barnett proving that huge ripped guys still can’t take a submission artist?

    Lesnar was probably told by UFC, and other big name MMA organizations that he probably wasn’t going to be able to really handle the top ju-jitsu fighters. Maybe he just wasn’t offered anything due to that. I mean, White said Angle would get killed in the UFC. So maybe this is the same situation.

  • nick says:

    if brock lesnar came to tna, it would be in late september and brock lesnar needs a manager like paul heyman, or maybe don west, what you all think?? kinda like wwe where he came in and attacked random guys and looked like a beast with mad skills, what you all think??

    samoa joe vs lesnar iron man match be good(even thought samoa joe would never get push, they always push new guys )

    if lesnar was in tna&mma , how can people say lesnars a real fighter??? HMM ODD not sure how thats gonna go over ………….

  • nick says:

    kurtangle vs brock lesnar we saw that a wrestlemania, and i belive in a steel cage on wwe smackdown and about 3 house shows they had matches, so to see kurtangle vs lesnar in tna would it be good?? i guess i think it can be a decent match, there both hall of famers

  • nick says:

    brock lesnar&kurtangle be tag team!!!

  • nick says:

    B R O C K L E S N A R


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