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Kyle Maynard denied license to fight in Georgia

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission unanimously rejected Kyle Maynard’s request for a license to fight on an MMA card this September in Duluth.

The reason why Maynard’s denial of a license is notable is because he was born with a condition known as congenital amputation that left him with arms that end above the elbow and legs that extend barely beyond his hips.

According to the article, commission chairman J.J. Biello claimed “overriding safety concerns” for his reason in refusing to grant Maynard a license to fight.

Maynard has never allowed his handicap to stop him before, as he competed in football during his middle school years and wrestled in high school. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to walk away from his foal of competing in MMA, either.

“I’m going to fight somewhere, some day,” Maynard is quoted as saying in the Journal-Constitution after the decision was rendered.

This is a story I plan to keep following.

  • says:

    Ugh, he really should not be licensed. I can understand his motiviating desire, but its not only dangerous to him, it’s also an imposition on his opponent.

  • says:

    They can make a movie about this guy. Kind of like “Rudy”.

  • says:

    Was a promoter ever interested in booking this guy? If that’s the case, then he should also be denied a license… for life. It’s bad enough that they’ve already booked Tommy Morrison and washed-up NFL players in MMA events but this would be simply too much. Freakshow cruelty at its worst.

  • says:

    I read a book about this kid called “No Excuses”. He has an amazing story. He played nose tackle through highschool with nothing below his knees or elbows and lead his highschool in tackles. After football wore too much on his body, he started lifting weights and doing wrestilng. His dad made a special gym that he could use all the weights and still workout like anyone else. He ended up competing in quite a few pro bodybuilding shows (for his weight-class) and even won a few. The kid is tough. He ended up doing very well in wrestling. His website “” has all the info I left out, but I’m sure you guys get the point.
    …Let the kid fight

  • says:

    It sucks for him not being able to get licensed, but this may be an occult blessing. How on Earth would he fight? No arms, no leg, head butts are illegal. There goes the striking and submissions part of it. It’s mindbottling to think of him trying to fight. More power to him though.

  • Terra Rose Price says:

    I’m more than sure Kyle knows the risks of fighting at this level. People need to stop trying to treat him like he can’t do it and give him a chance to prove to everyone just what he’s made of. I for one would love to see him give it a go. Win or lose it would be a fight of a life time. Would it not? Don’t you want to see that!!!!


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