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St. Pierre claims personal issues hurt him against Serra

Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press has a good article on Georges St. Pierre that features a lot of quotes from GSP. Apparently, GSP was dealing with some personal issues leading up to his unsuccessful welterweight title defense against Matt Serra at UFC:

“I had a lot of personal issues,” St. Pierre told The Canadian Press. “A lot of stuff was going wrong.”

There was illness in the family. But St. Pierre also says he lost his way.

“I forgot who I was, what was my No. 1 priority,” he said.

“I didn’t realize how lucky I was, to have this opportunity to be world champion,” he added. “Once I lost, I realized all that stuff and it made me regret a lot of things.”

I’m not as big of a fan of GSP as I used to be but still consider myself a fan. However, I don’t know how long I will be able to place myself in that category. If he in fact had personal problems leading up to that fight, I’m sorry to hear that and I sincerely hope everything is better.

However, I can’t help but refer to the interview he did right after his loss with sports station FAN 590 in Toronto in which he said he shouldn’t have fought Serra because he was injured. Was he referring to an emotional or physical injury? If it was a physical injury, I have an issue with him changing his story after the fact.

In general I have an issue with the comments because he came across two-faced in the 950 interview. Leading up to the fight we heard a lot about how the two respected each other only to see GSP turn around after the fight and try to steal Serra’s thunder.

He’s changed his management. He’s changed his camp. And now he might be changing stories. It just feels as this guy is making nothing but excuses and is pointing the finger in any direction he can. Why can’t he just man up and say, “Serra beat me straight up. I’ve learned a lot from the loss and will do everything I can to get the title back.”

GSP has the talent of a champion but hasn’t been carrying himself like one. I’d like to see less talk and more action.

You can read the full article from Davidson by clicking here.

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    Sam – you are way too hard on this guy. I’ll have a response up on BE later today.

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    Another negative when thinking about GSP and his mental toughness.

    I am reminded when he lost to Hughes the first time and he chalked it up to, “he is my idol, I couldn’t beat him.” This guy is an excuse machine, and most of his fans eat it up.

    GSP, physically has unlimited potential, but due to his mental issues, he is a middle tier fighter in my oppinion.

    I will once again point to his 1-2 title-fight record. That says alot to me.

    Also, GSP had never taken a beating like the one Serra gave to him. To me, there are 2 things that can happen during the GSP/KOS fight.

    1) GSP gets over his issues and figures out how to control his emotions before every fight, not just most of his fights, expecially in title-fight situations, destroys Kos and goes on to be a Champ again.

    2) GSP is battered by Kos and breaks mentally in the first round only for his career to take a nose dive a la his best friend David Loiseau.

    Only time will tell but I could see either scenario going down, nothing inbetween. Either GSP will destroy or be destroyed. This is the most important fight of GSP’s career, it could determine the path of his fighting life.

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    that’s the good thing about the fight game: you win or lose, move up or down the ladder. there’s been tons of fighters who were supposed to be the greatest of all time…it’s mostly hype. we’ll see. he has the potential to beat Koscheck. i think it’ll be another shoot and slam fest like kos-fickett, except without the mistake at the end that cost koscheck his undefeated record.

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    Luke, I wouldn’t feel a need to be hard on the guy if he didn’t make so many excuses.

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    “GSP, physically has unlimited potential, but due to his mental issues, he is a middle tier fighter in my oppinion.”

    Accomando, if you had said that three months ago (and some people did), I would have considered those fighting words. But in this case, GSP’s words are speaking louder than his actions and I find it harder and harder to defend the guy.

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    1-2 title fight record in the UFC, that is that the same record Evan Tanner has. GSP and Tanner have identical title-fight records.

    When you think about it, they are kind of similar fighters. Both very well skilled all around. They have good, effective striking without the 1 punch KO power. Can take the fight anywhere and dominate. Have above average GnP. They always and I mean always, have entertaining fights one way or another as well.

    And last but not least, both are kind of nut-bars in thier own way.

    I will say this, no matter what GSP’s mental state is, I am always looking forward to his fights because they are usually dynamite.

    When I think about it, I guess GSP is kind of a sympathetic character, which is why he has so many die-hard fans. That and his potential.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for this fight to happen. Finger’s crossed no injuries come up.

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    “Luke, I wouldn’t feel a need to be hard on the guy if he didn’t make so many excuses.”

    Totally understandable, I just think there’s more to the story than the excuses he offers for poor performance.

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    Not long after the Serra fight I remember seeing Laura Prepon on one of the late night talk shows (I think it was Craig Ferguson), and she was talking about how big a fan she was of the UFC and mentioned that she was big fan of GSP and was in his locker room visiting with him right before the fight.

    Maybe entertaining celebrities right before you fight is common place for UFC fighter, but my first thought was his head probably wasn’t where it needed to be moments before stepping into the cage for a title defense.

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    GSP should have just said he was beat. I mean, I’m not a huge Chuck Liddell fan, but after the Rampage fight, the only thing Chuck could say was “He beat me, he caught me, and he beat me.”. GSP should have just said that, and said he was going to be back.

    But as far as this upcoming fight, I think he’s going to be out to prove us all wrong about the mental aspect in his game. His MMA skillset is unmatches in the welterweight division, so if he can keep his head in the ring, I think he’ll destroy Koscheck.

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    Luke, I look forward to checking out your GSP comments on Bloody Elbow.

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    I think people make way too much out of GSP’s excuses. Barring Chuck Liddell, there are not too many fighters who don’t have some sort of excuse for a loss.

    Every situation is the same, going into the fight the fighter is in the best shape of his life…blah, blah, blah, but after the fight and the loss, there is a reason or excuse for it.

    Does anyone know any fighter that would say they have problems coming into a fight if they are not a last minute replacement?

    Another thing to take into account is that GSP is one of the top guys in the UFC WW division which means he is highly visible and liked by most, so naturally when something happens like what happened at UFC 69, people wonder what is up? If you had the same questions shoved in your face day in and day out, how many times would your story stay the same?

    GSP tried to do the right thing that all MMA fans want when he said he got beat after the fight, but then you had every fight reporter dogging the guy for an excuse. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is GSP’s grasp of the english language, it is not his native tongue. So GSP may have been telling the truth about how camp went but as soon as that hits the news, it’s twisted into an excuse.

    GSP has said he accepted the fight so he accepts the loss and it’s time to move on but it is the reporters that seem to want to linger on the Serra fight and try to pry as much as they can from a guy who may be somewhat naive to what they are trying to get due to english being his second language.

    Some may not understand how it can be that different but certain things in french don’t hold the same weight as they do in english and vise versa.

    Tito Ortiz has an excuse EVERY fight whether it is win lose or draw and people haven’t bagged on him HALF as much as the shit GSP is getting for Serra.

    That’s my 2 cents.

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    I had a lot of respect for GSP after the fight when he seemed to just own up to the loss. I quickly lost that respect though as each and every excuse trickled out. I realize a lot of fighters do that, but I’m a GSP fan and I expected more from him. I felt like he could have stood out from the crowd as a fighter by just taking the high road and standing by his losses with respect. Now he’s just another fighter who has to come up with excuses. I still count myself as a GSP fan, but more so now because of his skills and potential and less because of his attitude.

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    LR said it perfectly… He should just drop everything because he’s told a plethora of different stories and just stick with the “I lost.” or “He won.” He’s losing fans due to his poor attitude, especially that interview on the Canadian radio station. TKO or whatever it was… I’m a big GSP fan, but if this kinda stuff keeps up, it won’t be for long.
    GSP > Koscheck (Unanamous Decision)

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    […] the only guy who’s not impressed with GSP’s oh so convenient family problems. Sam Caplan drops the hammer on Georges for all these excuses: He’s changed his management. He’s changed his camp. And now he might be […]

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    I don’t think I could consider myself a fan persay but I have sincere respect for his physical fitness and preparations for fights. I think he let his guard down on Serra plain and simple. I really think he will defeat Josh Koscheck at UFC 74 but he has to end the fight early for that to happen imo.


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