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Todd Martin from has written a really good creative article where he tries to relate MMA stars to mainstream sports stars.

Here’s an example (and what I consider to be Martin’s most uncanny comparison):

Jon Fitch is Marc Bulger. Bulger is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but doesn’t get much recognition. That has a lot to do with playing the NFL’s most glamorous position, where Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre get the love. Fitch is in a similar rut: He is one of the best fighters in the UFC, but stuck in a deep and talented welterweight division.

I think the article might have been geared towards novice fans with the goal of giving them perspective on the stature of certain fighters in MMA but the comparisons are so good that I feel it appeals to everyone.

I highly recommend you check the article out, which you can do by clicking here.

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    Fitch happens to be my favorite fighter, I’m one of the fans that even bought one of his t-shirt off of – I agree 100% that he’s an awesome, but totally underrated fighter. Only two losses out of 21 fights, thats the same record Rich Franklin had at one point. I’m glad that magazines like SI are starting to understand that MMA is a sport that is here to stay. Jon Fitch > Diego Sanchez

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    I don’t know about comparing him to Bulger but the assessment is pretty accurate. He is way underrated by most casual fans though they are starting to come around. For a fighter of his caliber to get as little appreciation as a lot of less-deserving fighters get it’s a shame but I think his talent should carry him past Sanchez in their fight (which was coincidentally officially announced today on

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    I agree that it’s a very good article. Regarding Marc Bulger and Jon Fitch, I’d add that Marc Bulger doesn’t feel the need to work a second job as a bouncer to supplement his NFL income, so that’s one major difference.

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    Did you get my e-mail I sent you?

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    The Tito and Sylvia comparisons at the end soiled what was otherwise a pretty interesting read. One really obvious one I felt was overlooked:

    Bas Rutten is Bill Walton – He achieved the pinnacle of the sport (Walton won MVP and eventually a championship) and had the tools to carve one of all-time great legacies in the sport, but his career was derailed by injuries.

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    Oh yeah, and both of them are a little crazy.


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