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Update on Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen

There have been some rumors in the forums that Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen has signed with Zuffa and The Wrestling Observer has been cited as the source. Those messages are a bit mis-leading because Dave Meltzer is only reporting in the Aug. 15 edition that Hansen has talked about “wanting to come into the WEC instead of the UFC so he could compete at 145.” Nowhere in the report does Meltzer say that Hansen is definitely coming in. It would be an awesome addition though to the WEC though if he was brought in.

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    Another example of people mischaracterizing reports from the Wrestling Observer is that it’s now commonly accepted knowledge on MMA message boards that Meltzer reported that the UFC supposedly offered Fedor the biggest-money contract in UFC history. In fact, Meltzer reported that they offered him more GUARANTEED money than anyone else, not that he would be getting bigger bonuses than anyone else or making the most money overall.

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