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Jason MacDonald could fight at UFC 77

The Fight Network is reporting Jason MacDonald could make his Octagon return as early as October 20 at UFC 77 in Cincinnati:

Canadian middleweight Jason MacDonald (19-8) expects to be back in the Octagon as early as October 20 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Alberta native is just awaiting confirmation of his next opponent.

There have been rumors that MacDonald’s next opponent will be Yushin Okami but those rumors have never been confirmed.

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    I always reported the Okami rumors as just that, rumors. They started when a posting by Kalib Starnes stated that they would be fighting one another and UFC 77 seemed like a logical choice, the fight network report just furthered suspicions.

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    Okami v JMac is gonna be fucking awesome.

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    Okami vs MacDonald makes more sense since J mac and Starnes have already fought ( Starnes made him tap pretty easy too).

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    Honestly, there needs to be a rematch with Franklin and Okami before they move on. That fight was pretty much the same as Ortiz vs Evans. Franklin is not ready for Silva.

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    “Franklin is not ready for Silva.”

    And never will be…


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