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Heath Herring to take time off from the UFC

In a new interview with, UFC heavyweight fighter Heath Herring has declared his intentions of taking some time off from fighting in order to spend some time with his family:

“The UFC already called me about maybe [fighting] in October, and I just need to take some personal time,” said Herring. “I’m just trying to catch up and do some family things right now, and I need to find a good fight camp so I’ve got nothing really scheduled right now.”

Herring also stated in the interview that he’s searching for a new fight camp.

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    For as big as Herring is, his standup improved in his last fight. Big Nog even acknowledged in some post-fight interviews that he was surprised by Herring’s kick, and stated that Herring had much improved standup. Hats off to Big Nog by the way, he is a respectful fighter and the UFC should be proud to have him. Very good interviews, especially the one with the Clinch MMA podcast show. But back on point, I think Herring needs to pick up a camp with a good ju-jitsu instructor. A big guy like him with some much improved ju-jitsu and wrestling will definitely help him. I don’t think heavyweights in the UFC utilize those skills enough at times.

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    Herring had a torn MCL in his knee even before his first UFC fight, so the time off is long overdue.


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