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Dana White says Andrei Arlovski has fallen a notch or two

Steve Sievert has a new post on his Brawl Sports blog on the Houston Chronicle web site with a quote from Dana White indicating that Andrei Arlovski’s sluggish showing against Fabrcio Werdum at UFC 72 has set him back in spite of walking away with a victory:

UFC President Dana White says Arlovski’s last fight (a snoozer in which he was tentative in two of three rounds in beating Fabricio Werdum) dropped him a notch or two in the division’s pecking order.

“His last showing wasn’t very great. That hurts a guy. It sets you back when you have a real bad showing like that, especially when you’re in a division that’s stacked.”

In general, it’s just kind of strange that with all these cards coming up for the UFC that Arlovski still doesn’t have a match scheduled.

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    Arlovski’s fight with Werdum was a definite setback for him as a fighter. He was unbelievably cautious against him. Granted, Werdum’s ju-jitsu is something you don’t want to fall into. Junkie made a good point about a double standard with the Matt Hughes/Chris Lytle fight in which it was also a lackluster performance, but I think that since Hughes is such a recognizable face with the UFC, and the UFC wants to pit Pierre and Hughes against each other in the Octagon again, that standard doesn’t apply, and it’s a shame for Arlovski.

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    ufcj made a point about hughes, but he could have said something similar about forrest griffin, who dana white (at least in the past, before throwing him into the wood chipper with Rua) seems to have a huge man-crush on. griffin’s decision in the n. ireland could have fairly been called “cautious” and “not great”. same with franklin’s not-loss against Yushin. i totally believe that the UFC has something against Arlovski. maybe he called dana white something nasty in russian.
    personally i’m a fan, and i’d love to see arlovski in there against whoever. what about arlovski Nogueira? cro cop? kongo? hah, andrei v. brandon vera! no slow-mo poke and push fight there.

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    Difference between Griffin and Arlovski is that Arlovski costs the UFC 1/4 million $$ every time he fights and what Dana is trying to tell him is “you are not worth that kind of money if that is the kind of fight you are going to put on”.


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    If you’re perceived by management to be “boring,” you’re SOL… see Matt Lindland… Jeremy Horn… Jens Pulver in 2002 when he wanted to be paid as much as BJ Penn… Ivan Salaverry in 2005… David Loiseau in 2006… Mike Swick not getting his publicly promised title shot becuase his win over Loiseau in 2006 was perceived to be “boring” (which sucked for him because then he lost his next fight, a non-title fight, to Yushin Okami)… Andrei Arlovski not getting his promised title shot because his win over Fabricio Werdum in 2007 was perceived to be “boring” … Paulo Filho not immediately being snatched up by the UFC (as opposed to the WEC) when he became available in 2007… Jon Fitch being put in non-televised prelims in four of his first five UFC fights (all wins)… Zuffa having no interest in offering top ten fighter Ricardo Arona a contract for either the UFC or WEC because they perceive him to be “boring”… or countless other examples that one could point to. In that sense, it’s still more like pro wrestling than actual sport.

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    Unfortunately Ivan has hit the nail on the head. Now, with the UFC having a monopoly of sorts, the standard has become “the most exciting fighter” as opposed to “the best fighter”. It’s too bad we may never see Lindland vs A. Silva or Lindland vs Franklin. Heck, I’d even love to see Hendo and the Law go at it( it won’t happen, and it would be boring but I’d still like to see.)


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