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Dana White again says a deal with HBO is coming soon

Just because you haven’t heard much talk about it recently doesn’t mean it’s not happening; a potential deal between the UFC and HBO is not only still in the works, according to UFC president Dana White, but it’s likely to be closed soon.

White’s most recent comments appear in an new article at

One deal Mr. White says won’t take long to complete is the UFC’s programming agreement with HBO, noting, “It will happen.” He said the HBO series of fights would be used to complement programming on Spike (which has exclusivity on the UFC on basic cable) and the PPV events.

“What we’re doing is going to get guys started on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ where they can then progress to a show like ‘UFC Fight Night’ before landing on HBO. HBO would then give them the opportunity for a title shot on PPV,” he said.

The article also discussed the upcoming fall launch of the UFC’s new syndicated show, “UFC Wired.” In order to read the article in its entirety, just click here.

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    This article is a little old (August 5, 2007) and it’s more about boxing and it includes some pointless statements from Steve Farhood of Showtime but to the point of your post, the most interesting thing I saw when I read it was this quote from Ross Greenburg (who we all know has supposedly been very against HBO airing MMA since the talks with Zuffa started):

    “Mixed martial arts have a very loyal and faithful following,” said Ross Greenburg, president of HBO Sports. “HBO is intrigued to look at this new brand of fighting. I believe that boxing will be unaffected by mixed martial arts. In fact, maybe we can introduce each sport to the other’s audience.”,0,7090622.story

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    Dana White has been saying this for a long time.

    Good fing though Cap, that is the most postive news I have heard yet.

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    Dana White quote from a radio interview on April 23, 2006 (nearly 16 months ago), as reported at the time by MMAWeekly: “We will be on HBO very soon.”

    I guess it depends on what your definition of “very soon” is.

    Also, if Spike TV does end up paying over $100 million to keep the UFC’s basic cable rights, they can’t be happy about being publicly positioned as the C-brand behind the “HBO fighters” and the “PPV fighters.”


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