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Krazy Horse claims he made MMA

I’m sure I’m taking his quote out of context, but I will link to the entire article so you can see for yourself. But there’s a quote where in a new article about Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett where he claims he “made” MMA:

“People go, ‘Oh he’s not good for the sport,’ but believe it or not I made the sport,” he says.

Count me among those who believe he’s bad for the sport. Look, I’m not some neo-conservative self-righteous prick who is naive about the world. People fuck up, it’s a part of life. I also believe people deserve second chances and the benefit of the doubt. But what chance is Krazy Horse on? I lost track but I do know we’re well past the point of number two.

If Krazy Horse wasn’t in a niche sport and was an athlete in Major League Baseball, the NFL, or the NBA, there would be all kinds of people putting heat to have him suspended or banned. EliteXC is flying under the mainstream radar right now so they can get away with making Bennett a big part of their marketing plan, but MMA continues to grow and there will come a time when their devotion to him will come back to haunt them.

I’m sure there are those that will take his defense and say I don’t know the full story or that he’s misunderstood, but you don’t get arrested as much as he does or serve as much time he has unless you’re into some bad shit.

He’s served his time and deserves the right to make a living but if I was in charge of a promotion, I wouldn’t do business with him.

Bennett will be fighting in the main event of the second-ever ShoXC card on Saturday, August 25 in a rematch against Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela. A lot of people might count Valenzuela out because he got caught in a heel hook against Edson Berto in June, but Valenzuela is a bad ass and you’re not going to see much Jiu-Jitsu in the bout (unless it’s from him). I’m expecting a brawl.

You can read the entire Fight Network article on Krazy Horse by clicking here.

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