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8/11 edition of Inside the Cage Radio now available!

The second edition of Inside the Cage Radio is in the can and ready for your listening pleasure…


This week we didn’t have any guests because there was just too much to talk about. Matt Cava of and I had some heated debates regarding:

* Hermes Franca and whether we believe he’s a sympathetic figure

* More banter about my prediction that Josh Koscheck will defeat Georges St. Pierre at UFC 74

* A rundown of all the new matchups for UFC 76 and 77 that were reported this week

* A discussion about Tito Ortiz’s recent comments in a interview where he stated that fighters are talking about forming a union.

* We discuss the UFC lightweight title situation and who our top four seeds would be if the UFC decided to have a tournament for the title if they in fact strip Sean Sherk (I make it a point to go off on Roger Huerta)

* Our thoughts on what has been the best match of the year in MMA thus far.

You will also want to be sure to tune in next week as we present a full-hour devoted to previewing UFC 74.

You can also check out our first show by clicking here.

We’d also like to thank all the people who listened last week. As always, we’re doing this show for you so if you have any feedback, please be sure to leave a comment here or send us an e-mail.

  • says:

    I think you are being unfair to Penn. Not only is he among the most veteran UFC LWs (along with guys like Matt Serra and Din Thomas) despite his hiatus from the division. Kenny Florian as the man to beat? Give me a fucking break. Yeah, Kenny fought for the (paper) title once… Penn fought for it twice.

    I’d argue that Penn should fight the winner of Thomas vs. Florian for the interim/vacant title. Then create the next contender by pitting Frank Edgar vs. the winner of Aurelio/Guida. Then put the winner of Stevenson/Pellegrino against the winner of Griffin/Tavares, and if Huerta knocks over his next can he can have Mark Bocek next. I agree with you about Huerta more or less BTW.

    Interesting show overall, but I’d like to hear more free agent talk and analysis of how these newer promotions are unfolding. It seems like K-1 Hero’s is gearing up for a huge push and nobody on this side of the pacific is noticing.

  • says:

    That first paragraph is messed up but you get my meaning I think.

  • says:

    Florian vs Thomas

    Griffin vs Tavares

    Aurelio vs Guida

    Edgar vs Stevens or Penn

    It depends on Stevens beating Pellegrino and staying injury free and on weather or not BJ would be in the Grand Prix. 3 of these are already signed. So its not that far fetched. Penn vs Joe Daddy would be an ideal eliminator.

  • says:

    Is there someway I can make it so itunes d/l the shows when it is up?

  • says:

    “It seems like K-1 Hero’s is gearing up for a huge push and nobody on this side of the pacific is noticing.”

    It always seems that way… then they have some 8-foot tall Chinese peasant fight a guy from the crowd as a main event…


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