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MMA Notebook: New UFC matches announced; fighters changing camps; and much more!

Lots of news to cover this morning and little time. I think it makes sense for another edition of the “MMA Notebook”:

* has broken news about a lot of new UFC fights in recent days. It looks like Jeremy Stephens has preserved his job in the UFC and will be taking on Nate Mohr at UFC 76 on September 22 in Anaheim, Calif.

* Junkie is also reporting that Jorge Gurgel is likely to be facing Doug Evans at UFC 77 in Cincinnati this coming October. Many of Gurgel’s schools are based in the Ohio area, so it will be a home game for him of sorts. All those rumors about him fighting Frankie Edgar are obviously false. They didn’t make sense to begin with. Why would you force one of those guys to not be able to fight in front of a home crowd? It’s not like the UFC has a shortage of lightweight fighters to match up with them.

* Tito Ortiz is back from Iraq and recently did an interview with Apparently Tito has been successful thus far in bypassing the chain of command in the UFC and is talking directly to Lorenzo Fertitta about business matters:

“I’m dealing with Lorenzo Fertitta now and he’s awesome to deal with, a great businessman, not like that loser they have as President. What a horrible guy. He’s gonna send the company down the drain because sooner or later the fighters are gonna realize they don’t have to be bullied anymore. They should just get rid of Dana.”

The fact that Tito and Dana White won’t be going to war against each other during contract renegotiations greatly improves the chances of Ortiz re-signing with the UFC. The fact that the UFC is willing to accommodate him in this matter shows they want him back… or, at least not fighting for the competition.

* has confirmed that Fabricio Werdum has officially joined the Chute Boxe camp in Curitiba, Brazil.

* In an interview with, Greg Jackson has confirmed that Diego Sanchez has left his camp and is moving to California. According to the interview, Sanchez is moving further West to reconnect with his son. Sanchez will be working with Rob Garcia in California as he preps for his next fight at UFC 76 against Jon Fitch.

* The archive of my debate with Jordan Breen on his show yesterday is now available on The topic was the “Ten Biggest Underachievers in MMA” article that appeared on CBS Sportsline a few weeks back. Some people thought Jordan won and some people thought I won. Listen for yourself and decide.

* If you want to hear more of me on the radio, check out the debut edition of Inside the Cage Radio. Co-host Matt Cava and I interview IFL co-founded and commissioner Kurt Otto and BodogFIGHT analyst Paul Lazenby. Matt and I also discuss the best MMA-related TV show; Sherk and Franca; Liddell vs. Jardine and whether it’s a legit matchup; and much more! We’re cutting our second show tomorrow and Kurt Pellegrino is slated to join us. We’ll be talking about a number of things with him, including his upcoming match in a few weeks at UFC 74 against Joe Stevenson.

  • says:

    Another very interesting quote in the same Tito Ortiz interview on UFC Mania was this:

    “Now fighters are talking about a union. Hey, you never know.”

    This is the first I’ve heard of that.

    If this was Vince McMahon, he would have phone calls made threatening anyone who ever supports a union or collective bargaining. That has worked for him because the top guys have to be on-board, and the top guys are always “taken care of” so that they wouldn’t stand to benefit as much from a union or some form of collective bargaining.

  • says:

    a union is not the scariest thing for ufc … what is scary is if these top moneymaking fighters decide to open there own promotions ryding on their own name…

    i know it would never happen but imagine liddel saying he wont fight for the ufc but only his own promotions were he stands to benefit the most … and his name could probally do equal to the numbers he does on ufc… its the fighters that could be the selling point not the company…

    and then youd have full blown bullshit which decimates boxing… cause boxing has no union but everybody for themselves…. this is were mma and the ufc is going…

  • says:

    Werdum going to Chute Box?! Thats a scary prospect if he uses that camps Muay Thai and Tenacity to compliment his BJJ he could be a scary fighter to face.


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