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BodogFIGHT to go off the air?

I came across a link on Zach Arnold’s in regard to an article on the Media Life Magazine web site discussing the ION network.

I won’t summarize the article too much, because who really cares about ION? However, there was this interesting tidbit in the piece:

The network has also been airing martial arts show “Bodog Fight” in late night since last year, but the brawling competition was too much of a departure for the network, says Burgess. It’ll probably go off the air once Bodog’s deal with ION ends in February.

Not good, to say the least. Hopefully Bodog’s upper management will start listening to the middle management and changes to the program can be made and prep the show for a new broadcast partner. No more beaches and no more fighters demonstrating submission holds on scantily clad females. It’s time to get serious and pattern the show after something that you’d see on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Make it look like a live telecast emanating from a small theater with young and up and coming fighters. The more of a sports telecast it resembles, the more suitors it will have.

Bodog needs to find a direction. If they can get some momentum going then the issue of whether ION wants them want back would be moot because they could easily outgrow the network.

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    I agree that they need to present a better product to be taken seriously. Last week I was watching and the commentators were yelling something like , “the sold out crowd is on it’s feet” and it appeared that there were about six people there looking bored.

    Since ESPN is throwing in the towel and admitting that Mixed Martial Arts is a sport (and they are jumping the bandwagon while they still can) maybe BoDog will be good thing for them to pick up. Although I don’t know about the whole gambling connection.

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    Tino: i have an uneasy feeling about current MMA promotions being thrust into the limelight. Zuffa seems dodgy to me…
    frankly, the sooner bodogfight goes away and their good fighters can be snapped up by other promotions, the better. get out of the ring, i hate rings. get trevor prangley into the UFC….good grief, they need that guy. there’s a few other guys that should be good in the octagon, but really, a few of the big name fighters just seem to use bodog either as an ATM or a lever in bargaining.

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    bodog is wack cause of the station it is on …ion wtf…in cali its on channel 8 and the channel only has wonder years reruns and most of the time its paid programming … if bodog was on a real network or espn it would do fine… and the exotic locations and girls are great…..i love the nice eye candy

    ion network.. it was ment to fail

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    “ion network.. it was ment to fail”

    A lot more households get the Ion network than Versus.


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